Thursday, November 5, 2009

American Guy Fawkes Strikes Fort Hood

Things get stranger by the day.


by Ali Eteraz

Today’s tragic shooting and killing at Fort Hood army base in Texas, which has claimed the lives of at least 12 people, occurred on November 5. According to ABC the suspected gunman in Fort Hood is a convert to Islam by the name Major Malik Nadal Hasan.

Today’s date is the same as the date of the Guy Fawkes plot of 1605, when a Catholic dissident who had been previously served as a soldier tried to blow up the English Parliament in order to kill the Protestants inside. Guy Fawkes is a favorite among anarchists. (He was celebrated in the comic and film V for Vendetta). {source True/Slant}


The gun battle was apparently swift. Cone said the shooter used two handguns. It was unclear, the general said, whether he had a chance to reload before he was hit by return fire.
12 killed, 30 wounded.....42 hits by one shooter?


As Les Visible puts it.....
My friends in the military and all the services at all places; do not lash out at your friends and neighbors. Go after the real malefactors. I don’t encourage this because the avatar is coming and he is going to handle that but… if you are that desperate then make it count. You should understand where the orders are coming from. You should know who the representatives of Satan are. Look for who is wining and dining and laughing at you. Do not kill your brothers. You will have to live with this if you do so do not do it.

Soldiers I cannot tell you what to do but I know how angry you are. If you can’t contain it do not turn it on your fellows. I suspect this was engineered but what do I know?
I do know that the pigfuckers that think they run the place are very capable of setting this up like they did Mumbai… so I would be very suspicious of any official explanation. They lie and they lie. It’s in their job description. {more - Smoking Mirrors}

Brothers in Arms


  1. Possible Jordanian who attended Damascus University.

  2. Reports are he's from Virginia, went to Virginia Tech.

  3. He's got two masters, one in biology and another in psychology. He was born and raised in Arlington, VA. He worked with vets at Walter Reid in Bethesda, MD.

  4. It is being reported that his mother was born in Palestine in 1952... he went to VA Tech...

    13 dead, 30 wounded... that's more than 42 hits (unless each was only hit once...) that's a lot for a guy with two handguns.

    Originally they reported that the shooter was killed... now they say he is on life support.

    I wonder if they didn't just pick this guy because of his background. 42 victims is a high number for just two handguns...

    There is a lot more to this story, I promise you that.