Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bankers and Bombs

Bankers finance war corporations, governments borrow counterfeit money from the bankers to buy the armaments. It's an endless cycle of destruction.

Cost of War

I had a dream...

End gaming

Controversial Speakers Explain Zionist Supremacy


  1. When the monster finally chews thru its own tail ther'll be a mighty earth shaking yelp and perhaps it'll realize the stupidity of its actions.

  2. HeHe....Where is my link...I didnt found my link in your blog?

  3. Weird how the Banker is your best friend till its his/her turn to reciprocate.

  4. Megaan; relax
    Kenny's from Tennessee
    First he's gotta fetch the eggs from the chicken coop then he's gotta chop firewood then hes gotta chaperone the children to school 65 miles away then its fill the water jugs then fix the light plant then the dozer tracks then fetch the kids again then make dinner then a Banjo jam session then ....

  5. Thanks for the support anon. Being a hillbilly is time consuming. Some friends just stopped by with a quart of peach wine so it'll be a while before I can get back to Megaan.

  6. Anonymous is a moron and obviously has never been in the military much less war. Hope Anon gets the chance to prove what a brave soldier he will be, better yet, maybe step on a mine . . . .