Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Breaking 'Sacred Ground' - The Religion of the 9/11 Official Story

The state sanctioned and sponsored religion of 9/11 broke sacred ground yesterday on another 'holy' site.

SHANKSVILLE, Pa. – With the words "Let's roll" — the command issued by United Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer to lead the passenger revolt — U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and 39 victims' relatives and dignitaries turned shovels of dirt at a groundbreaking ceremony Saturday for a permanent national memorial.

With Beamer's words, passengers rushed down the airliner's narrow aisle to try to overwhelm the hijackers after learning of the coordinated attacks. The commission concluded that the hijackers downed the plane as the hostages revolted. It was the only one of four hijacked planes that day that did not take a life on the ground.

Salazar said the victims did something profoundly democratic which the terrorists could never understand: They took a vote on whether to fight for control of the plane.

"These heroes did not cow down to fear," he said. {more}

The elements of the new religion inspire awe and reverence.
The centerpiece of the memorial landscape is the landform known as the Bowl. The memorial design frames the Bowl, as a Field of Honor, with trees circling the entire bowl in a national gesture of embrace that orients visitors toward the Sacred Ground.


Large memorial walls will frame the sky where the plane flew overhead as the passengers and crew bravely fought their winning battle to not have the plane continue to DC. Between these memorial walls will be the park’s interpretive center.

The Alter
A ceremonial gateway for family members will occur along the fight path between two walls, depicting the very location where the heroes of Flight 93 fought and overcame the terrorists.

The online Flight 93 sacred words and images.

Deniers of the religion are ridiculed. Heretics are closely watched by the 'keepers of the word.'
Persecution could follow.
Flight 93: Memorial to a Myth

Twice this week we have been 'blessed' in the symbolism, sacrament and ceremony of our evolving 'religion.'

The USS New York

The 'first communicator of the word' often relates a tale of a vengeful god.
"We will kill bin Laden. We will crush al-Qaeda. That has to be our biggest national security priority."
Barack Obama - Oct. 7, 2008


  1. Are they going to have anything for the fighter pilots that shot that sucker down?

  2. Yes, how about part of the memorial that shows an F-16 shooting an air-to-air missile into Flight 93?

    Thye could play that video of Rumsfeld saying as much in that press conference!!

  3. Hasan entered his workplace, the Soldier Readiness Center—where personnel receive routine medical treatment immediately prior to and on return from deployment—at approximately 13:34 (CST). Next, according to eyewitnesses, he took a seat at an empty table and bowed his head for several seconds.[4] He then stood up and opened fire with two handguns: an FN Five-seven semi-automatic pistol and a .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson revolver,[5] at soldiers processing through cubicles in the center and on a crowd gathered 30 minutes before a scheduled college graduation ceremony in a nearby theater.[6] The FN Five-seven pistol used in the shooting was purchased at a civilian gun store.[7] At the start of the attack, Hasan reportedly jumped up on a desk and shouted "Allahu Akbar!"[3][8][9][10] before allegedly firing more than 100 rounds in the soldier processing center.[11] Sgt. Mark Todd, a civilian police officer said "He was firing at people as they were trying to run and hide. Then he turned and fired a couple of rounds at me. I didn't hear him say a word, he just turned and fired."[12] Another eyewitness has reported that Hasan was silent.[13] A medic who treated Hasan said the pockets of his combat fatigues were full of pistol magazines.


    If his pockets were full of pistol mags, and he was still alive when handcuffed, why all the lies about the shooter being dead for four hours?

    Faizul Khan, the former imam of a mosque in Silver Spring, Maryland, where Hasan prayed several times a week, said he was "a reserved guy with a nice personality. We discussed religious matters. He was a fairly devout Muslim."[39] Additionally, in the month prior to the shooting, Hasan frequented a nearby strip club.[56]

    Did he also leave a copy of the Koran, snort cocaine and drink copious amounts of booze?

    Hasan was promoted from Captain to Major in May 2009.[46][64] Before being transferred to Fort Hood in July 2009, Hasan had received a poor performance evaluation.[36] While an intern at Walter Reed, Hasan received counseling and extra supervision.[65]

    An evaluation takes place over a year, so how could he get promoted in May and then get a poor evaluation in June?

  4. More BS this morning.....

    "Officials: U.S. Aware of Hasan Efforts to Contact al Qaeda"

    U.S. intelligence agencies were aware months ago that Army Major Nidal Hasan was attempting to make contact with people associated with al Qaeda, two American officials briefed on classified material in the case told ABC News.

    It is not known whether the intelligence agencies informed the Army that one of its officers was seeking to connect with suspected al Qaeda figures, the officials said.


  5. You ever seen the pilot episode of that X-Files spin-off that had a remote piloted commersial airliner being flown into a skyscrapper by a secret government agency? You seen that one? was on Fox in June of 2001 I believe...

    in the X-Files first movie, what does the FEMA shadow government group do to "cover up" the site where the virus was found in Texas?

    They build a park on top of it.

    What did they do on the lawn at the Pentagon that had explosive residue blown all over it?

    They built a park on top of it...

    funny how the world works, ain't it?

  6. OT: you guys aren't going to believe this...


  7. Was the misspelling of the word altar a psychic slip of the keyboard, on purpose, or...?

  8. Just a mistake. The spell check didn't catch it. I think I'll just leave it as is. It has some meaning that way too.

    Actually this post being at the top of the blog today (1-16-11) was a mistake but why I'm not sure. It was from Nov. 9, 2010. I was looking for something in the archives, clicked on this post and it ended up as a new one. I've put it back in its proper place. My apologies for the confusion.