Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Conspiracy of the Week - Joseph Moshe and the Ukraine 'Plague'

Everyone likes a good conspiracy tale.

art by David Dees.....Rense

The edwardlong808 videos of Moshe's arrest in LA.....

Moshe called into the Dr True Ott Show on Republic Broadcasting and said he was a microbiologist who wanted to hand over evidence to a States Attorney regarding tainted H1N1 vaccines being produced by Baxter pharmaceutical. He claimed that that Baxters lab in the Ukraine was in fact preparing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. He maintained that the vaccine contained both adjuvants designed to weaken the immune system, and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 global pandemic. Thats it. He made no threat against Obama, nor said anything about bombs or any attack.

Dr. Bill Deagle disclosed a story that occurred August 11-13 in Los Angeles involving Joseph Moshe, a bio-scientist with a dual USA/Israel citizenship.
LISTEN to Bill Deagle discuss the Moshe incident on Project Camelot Radio. The complete interview is here. {much more at information farm}
From Rense on Aug. 15...Bizarre - Mystery Man Claims Baxter Flu Vax is BioWeapon

American Everyman had a good report on Aug. 24...Who is Joseph Moshe?

All of that sets the stage for what the reports say is a flu/viral pneumonia 'plague' in the Ukraine.

Hype to get more to take the vaccination? A scare tactic psyops? Some semblance of truth that's getting hard to cover up? Maybe it even goes deeper than we can fully understand at this time?

Some observations, opinions, and most likely some disinfo.....
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The latest report from the World Health Organization.

It's a strange tale indeed....We'll see how it plays out....



    As a Registered Nurse I have witnessed an increase amount of adverse reactions this season concerning the Regular Flu Vaccine and the Swine Flu Vaccine. In order to protect myself and the confidentiality of those who chose to be vaccinated, I will use the term 'patient' and not give any detailed personal information in accordance to HIPAA regulations.
    The following are actual reactions to the Regular Flu and Swine Flu vaccines in Nashville, TN:

    Regular Flu Vaccine- Two hours after administration, the patient had a severe burning sensation in their hands and feet, headache, and nausea/vomiting.

    Regular Flu Vaccine- Numbness of the arm where the shot was administered for two days.
    Regular Flu Vaccine- Increased/abnormal pain with rash at the injection site for two to three days.
    Regular Flu Vaccine- Approximately two to three weeks after vaccination, the patient experienced Bell's Palsy. Bell's Palsy is a condition in which the patient experiences facial drooping/paralysis due to malfunction/inflammation of cranial nerve VII. The patient also experienced body aches, headache, and malaise for 1-2 weeks. Bell's Palsy is idiopathic/ cryptogenic in nature, and a diagnosis is formed after ruling out other possibilities. The patient's physician stated that the Regular Flu Vaccine could have caused the Bell's Palsy.
    Swine Flu Vaccine- Increased Body aches, nausea/vomiting, and headache for 2 weeks for two separate patients.

    Regular Flu Vaccine- I spoke with an older African American male about his grandfather...He stated his grandfather was a perfectly healthy fellow who took no daily medicines and had no medical conditions. The grandfather took his first Seasonal Flu Vaccine at the age of 70 and died two days afterwards. This also happened to my great grandfather as explained to me by my grandmother. Both seasonal flu victims were healthy with no medical conditions, took no daily prescribed medicines, were elderly but phsycially fit and died with 2-3 days of vaccination.

    Regular Flu Vaccine- Chest pain, nausea/vomiting, and severe headache was a complaint of multiple patients...occurring within 3-6 hours of administration.

  2. Hey, where can I find the actual phonecall that Moshe made? Was it recorded?

  3. I don't think it exists. The story now is that Moshe called Ott after the show?? It's part of the conspiracy without any verification.

  4. See this post for rebuttal:

  5. See here for a transcript of what True Ott actually said on the Deagle show: