Friday, November 13, 2009

Dollar General's IPO and expansion is a bad sign

Dolla' Sto...

One of middle Tennessee's most 'successful' businesses, Goodlettsville's Dollar General, has gone public and stock prices went up $1.87 from the initial price of $21 in just one day.

Dollar General is a mini walmart of basic necessary items and foreign junk . Their niche is putting in stores in every little town and the suburbs of larger cities. Get the same basics without driving too far and dealing with the mega store hassles. Some of their stuff has no country of origin information so no telling where they get it.

It's where the poor shop. And now it's a favorite destination for the ex-middle class becoming the poor.

The Dollar Store is on a massive building spree. There are already 8,500 stores in 35 state and from what I hear the goal is 48 states. They put one up and opened it in a month 15 miles down the road from me. People are excited about it.

The Dollar General history has been significant increases in sales in harder times with lower in the 'good' times. People who have a little money won't be caught in a Dollar Store but oh my, "the times they are a changin'."

The company started out locally owned and operated, but buy outs later, the owners are a Wall Street investment company...Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts.

You can google the Kohlberg Klan if you are interested. They seem to be deep insiders in the ongoing financial scams. Anticipating a continued decline in the buying power of the common folks? If I were a Wall Street casino gambler I might buy some shares in Dollar General, at least for the short term.

So we have jewish Wall Street mobsters infiltrating small town America where walmart can't afford to go, giving us the the same 'low prices' for their slop and junk with the advantage of convenience.

"Save gas honey, go the the Dollar Store."

The local folks are so happy.....we're big time now...

we have a dolla' sto...


  1. 8 More Dead In Sweden From Swine Flu Shots Comments from a Swedish Citizen," I personally hope that the Russians will intervene, using GRU assault brigades to take control of Sweden if the WHO tries to force stuff here. I prefer Russian occupation to dealing with our scumbag Quisling traitor government agencies."

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