Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dual Citizen Joe Lieberman to Hype the Fort Hood Shootings With Senate "Domestic Terrorism" Probe

Joe Lieberman echos Rahm Emanual.....

"Never let a serious crisis go to waste."

"A couple of years ago, after a two-year investigation, my committee put out a report that said the new face of terrorism in America would not just be the attacks as 9/11 organized abroad and sending people in here, it would be people within this country, homegrown terrorists, self-radicalized, often over the Internet, going to jihadist websites, and there's concern from what we know now about Hasan that, in fact, that's exactly what he was, a self-radicalized home grown terrorist," Lieberman 11/8/09

The Lieberman spin will of course go beyond 'Muslim extremists' to any patriotic American who dares to question the lies and the illegal wars of profit by the corrupt US administration, Congress and the military.

Our first and second amendment rights will be under attack....again.


  1. Hey Joe, just use the same guidelne used for investigating 9/11; DON'T look back, but forward and see how these types of attacks can be prevented in the future!!!

  2. Hey Greg Kosher Joe will find them out and strike them down!