Wednesday, November 18, 2009

first US marijuana cafe opens in portland, oregon

No doctor or self-prescribed medicine of any kind should be delegated to a so called 'legal cafe.' Maybe it's a start but no government has the right to infringe upon one's personal preferences. Garden variety herbs have no place in the legal system.

That said, is the Obama administration relaxing of medical marijuana laws and state rights issues just a diversion from the more serious war, economic decline and sanctioned theft?
"Smoke a joint, war is nothing you should concern yourself about. "
If that's their thinking, maybe it will backfire on them.


  1. Totally cool. We have a "Compassion Society" here in town and if you have a doctor's prescription there you go. But it is still much costlier than if you have a "friend in the biz".

    The idea of a cafe is very timely. Careful you don't start becoming Amsterdam!

    mmmmm I almost smelled what was in that bag.

  2. Mmmm Smell............
    Smelled some today.......
    Had my car impounded for that smell.
    Didn't even have any on me. You know its the right stuff when the cops can smell it three hours later,...

  3. Someday I imagine we will all live in a land were men and women alike are free to do what they choose to do with their own bodies. A world were one really does have right to pursue happiness as they see fit. Even if it is sitting at home smoking from a glass pipe.

  4. I'll take being around someone who's zonked out on some dope anyday over someone who's smashed on booze.

    The worst thing that could happen with the stoner is they get an attack of the 'munchies' and clean out your fridge.

    The drunk, sooner or later, will start a fight or drive home drunk and have a wreck or go home and beat on his wife/girlfriend and kids.

  5. smoking pot would ruin the typical Irish night out Im afraid.

    Here’s what we Irish do when Drinking;o)

    note this ALL takes place at the SAME pub LOL

    First we sing inside the pub till 1AM

    when the pubs close bands move to the street at2AM
    Best Ever!! these guys here play some DAMN GOOD MUSIC!!

    when the band goes home, we make our own music outside the pub at 3AM

    then on the way home we get in fights, typical night out LOL

  6. Looks like great fun irish. Some of the best music in the world.....

  7. Those evil pinko commie dopers how dare they control what they put in their body.

  8. If ya' can't get high off massisve doses of MSG infused greasy potato chips, washed down with who knows what in your typical 'diet' soda while sitting on the couch, filling your mind with FOX shit-coms, then you're probably some libural Muzzie lover and will be taken care of.... soon.

    "Ain't that right, Abe?"

  9. portland is a freak show...sure it sounds good on a blog, but go live there sometime...that city is a joke...homo mayor...minority police chiefs who cant manage a bowel movement, let alone a council full of idiotic self absorbed newts...and that's the good mayor that city ever had was Bud "expose yourself to art" Clark