Friday, November 6, 2009

Fort Hood: Waiting on First Hand Eyewitness Accounts

Laughing and joking assassin shortly before the carnage?

Lt. General Cone says in this video "The stories from these young soldiers...and I really hope we can can get them in the media here fairly quickly are really remarkable...reports unconfirmed that he was saying  Allahu Akbar...the descriptions of the weapons is that they are not military issued weapons..."

ABC News is touting this video as an 'eyewitness account' but it is second hand.

The chaos of the situation will distort perceptions and it's unlikely that anyone will be allowed before the cameras without being intensively briefed beforehand.

Early accounts of multiple shooters are now well covered with the false reports that Hasan was killed.

Will they announce and show what exactly the non military issued weapons used were and the size and number of the magazines?


  1. Have you heard anything about why it took a civilian cop from Killeen, TX to take down the shooter?

    Where in the hell were the base MP's? Wouldn't they be in a position to respond quicker to the scene?

    Early reports said witnesses had heard pistol and automatic weapon fire.

    Those seem to have disappeared.

  2. They are not answering the obvious questions.

    Yeah, early reports were of quick bursts of shots that would imply autos. Like I said, they will use the report of Hasan dead to cover their ass on anything else they want buried.

  3. Ever notice how the truth can be so pliable?

    Army: 7 dead in DUAL attacks at Fort Hood, Texas
    (AP) – 19 hours ago
    WASHINGTON — The Army says seven people were killed and 20 wounded in a PAIR of shootings at the Fort Hood Army base in Texas. An Army spokesman at the Pentagon says the shootings began about 1:30 p.m. Thursday at a personnel and medical processing center at Fort Hood.

    The spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Banks, says TWO shooters were apparently involved. There is no word yet on who they were, nor on identities of the dead.
    Banks says the SECOND incident took place at a theater on the sprawling base.

    He says it is too soon to tell whether there is any link to battle stress or repeated deployments. The Army is suffering a record high suicide rate and other signs of stress from fighting two wars.

  4. P.S. I went looking online for that little weasel who called himself "Colonel" Terry Lee and called into FOX to spread rumors and second-hand info.

    He's supposed to be retired, but he's not listed with

    His first pack of lies got blown out of the water when Nasan's cousin called in and sounded cool, calm and somewhat collected, but stunned.

    I believe Lee said Nasan was a Muslim convert, which proved to be a lie.

    And that he'd served with Nasan at Hood, but when did he retire, since Nasan only started at Hood back in April?

  5. A, advocating killing Americans in writing here is not allowed. Please do that on your own site.

  6. Glock makes a .40 caliber fully auto pistol with a 32 round mad, but it is not for sale to the general public, so it would be interesting to see what Nasan or his accomplices or whoever used whatever.

    The dead soldiers are to be shipped to Dover Del for autopsy?

    Why? Can't they do that in Texas? When JFK's body was shipped from Dallas to DC, along the way, his brain got lost, forever screwing over any honest evaluation of where and what JFK got shot with.

    Will similar tactics be used on the Hood dead?

  7. I thought the same thing about the Glocks. There were 30 rd.
    aftermarket pre- ban mags for the 9mm that were legal and still available.

    The caliber that they were killed by is the key and if they were from what they say is the killer's guns.

    I'd guessing the Dover autopsies will say so.


  9. thanks anon....nice

    Fox news tv is reporting now that over 100 rounds were fired. FN Five Seven used.

    plus this...,2933,572686,00.html

    Emergency room physician Captain Reis Ritz was in Darnall when the loudspeaker came on: "Mass casualties. Mass casualties."

    He said the first few to arrive were soldiers with multiple gunshot wounds who had driven themselves to the hospital. Others arrived soon after, some of them carrying friends who were more severely wounded. Many of the victims came into the emergency room with multiple gunshot wounds.

    For Major Stephen Beckwith, the Emergency Medical Response director at Darnall, the sheer number of gunshot wounds struck him immediately, reminding him of blast injuries he'd seen in combat.

    He and other ER personnel told that the gunshot wounds appeared to have been inflicted by semi-automatic pistols loaded with long bullets more often used with a standard M16 rifle.

    "Just so many gunshot wounds — gunshot wounds to the torso, the belly, the chest," he said. "It's similar to what you'd see down range."

    Ritz has not yet been deployed overseas, and he said it was like nothing he'd ever seen.

    "The worst part," he said, "there's all these multiple gunshot wounds, all the victims shot in multiple places, and they keep coming in and I have no idea who's shooting, where they're shooting from, or why.

  10. I too got pretty good with a gun at taxpayers expen$e. Can't Imagine the 5-7; Zero muzzle lift. Holy crap.
    Ten thousand or more rounds fired, never shot anyone Kenny , never will. Hug your kids if you have them. Peace;.l\\

  11. Where in the hell were the base MP's? Wouldn't they be in a position to respond quicker to the scene?
    Good question, but ....

    heh, they were watchin "Ellen" on tv, since it is OK to be gay in the Army these days.

    OR ....

    just like 9/11 - they were sent to opposite direction.

  12. I'd like to hear about the Hood MP's, since what passes for news these days can't think to ask questions about where in the hell they were at.

  13. Here we go again.. another Manchurian candidate ala the Virginia Tech Massacre?

    Or is this like 911... when a perfectly clean passport and a copy of the koran flluttered down out of the sky and landed undisturbed in the streets of NYC amid thousands of people and burning fire trucks?

    I can't believe the video of Dr. Nassan in Muslim garb in the convenience store.. it just reeks of PSYOP.

  14. There was also a report from a golf course. Eye witnesses said military police came and captured someone who was hiding in a golf cart barn. The account said they held the uniform security held him until some men in suits came and took him away.

    Odd if there wasn't anyone else involved....

    I was also watching Anderson Cooper on CNN lies all the time. They were showing some muslims "preaching hate" on the streets of New York. I just caught the brief mention that one of the men was jewish and had converted. I'm not sure about the second one. Both were Americans anyway. Convenient how this is getting played.