Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hidden Art of War

There's plenty of money for bombs, bullets and other insanities of war but for lack of funding there lies hidden in Washington DC a treasure trove of the art of war.

The paintings and sketches could be said to be either pro or anti-war but in any case should be on display for all to see.

From CBS News Sunday Morning

ART: The Army Collection
"Hidden Treasures," a major art collection of works done mostly by United States Army soldiers about Army troops from America's earliest wars to present day. The collection includes paintings, drawing and sculptures by famous American artists including Norman Rockwell, as well as by infamous Nazis including Adolph Hitler, all hidden from public view behind closed doors in the basement of an office building in Washington, D.C. Rita Braver reports on what she saw - and others can not.

Some of the collection...

The early artwork of Hitler...said to be kept hidden so as not to be used for propaganda purposes...


  1. Surprised. was unaware of Adolph's artistic talent.

  2. I know, I know, off topic, but, its the only Charlie Brown episode that has made me laugh out loud. Jan 27 1952
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