Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Celebrating the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Ignoring Israel's "Iron Wall"

Israel's Iron Wall is much higher and longer than the Berlin Wall and has been built on illegally occupied land yet no U.S. president has called on the Israeli leaders to "tear down this wall." The hideous wall was built with the support and approval of the U.S. Congress and presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Many millions of American taxpayer dollars were used to build this wall.

by Christopher Bollyn

The Berlin Wall fell 20 years ago on November 9-10, 1989. Jewish-owned Music TV (MTV), Bono, and his band U2 will be celebrating along with millions of others the fall of the Berlin Wall while the entire world ignores its hideous cousin, the Israeli "Iron Wall" of separation.

So, why do so-called "political" singers like Bono ignore the very real suffering of millions of Palestinians and the new Berlin Wall that divides the Holy Land? Why does the music industry ignore the crisis in the Middle East, the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the illegal occupation of Palestine by Zionist Jews who desecrate the Holy Land? Where has the music gone?

Bono, a friend of presidents Bush and Clinton, will be giving a "free" concert at the Brandenburg Gate, the famous 18th Century portal to the city of Berlin. Today, 20 years after reunification, Berlin is the most modern, clean, and civilized metropolis in the world. It is the capital of the most prosperous nation in Europe and the Number One exporter in the world. It's easy for MTV and Bono to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years later -- but if they really cared about freedom and equality for all men why don't they do a free concert in occupied-Bethlehem or Jerusalem in front of the wall of the Zionist fortress state of Israel? Why doesn't President Barack Hussein Obama II call on the Israeli leaders to tear down this wall, as President Reagan did to the Soviet leadership? Neither Obama nor Bono would dare to speak out against Israeli apartheid policies or Zionist war crimes because they are owned and controlled by the Zionist Jews who made them what they are.

This is why the music has gone into the gutter and why there is no anti-war music or resistance music today. The Zionist Jews have taken over the entire music industry, lock, stock, and barrel. It is the same with the press media, the television networks, and the film industry. The whole shebang is completely controlled by Zionist Jews. The Zionist masters own the big record labels and send the musicians they own to Israel to try and improve the image of the criminals who run the Zionist state.

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