Thursday, November 12, 2009

I watched the CMA awards....not one damn anti-war song


Dixie Chicks not invited.

Some good musicianship and eye candy last night but I waited the whole show for a real social conscience song and it never came. It must be very constricting for songwriters and musicians in the current Nashville formula to know that anything anti-war, anti militarism very well could mean career suicide, at least at the highest levels of money making. Safe and secure in the arms of the lord, the barroom and the war machine. It's all that's allowed.

When you move over to the 'rock' side of big time music for a social commentary... who's always getting the hype?.....Bono...
from What Do You Believe...

Malevolent Troll Bono Needs Your Tithe

NWO Mega-Monkey Bono

This multi-multi-millionaire swans around the globe, hobnobbing with fellow illumaniti communitarians [Da Silva, the Judeo-Masonic Popes, Bush, Obama, Livni, Peres, Netanyahoo, Kings and Queens, Gates, Blair ...] demanding that the unitiated, the goyim, be taxed to death in support of the latest Judeo-Masonic scam du jour. {more}

Where are the anti-war/anti-empire songs?

The Dixies Chicks have made some money in the corporate music world but they did have a Vietnam song and they did speak out against war....and it cost them.

Not Ready to Make Nice


  1. Kenny,

    Did ya know Taylor Swift lost grammy to Amy Swinehouse as best new artist, years ago?

    Where is that khazaress piggie now? Oh ...lemme check the rehab! hehehe

    Agreed with you totally about everything else in the post.

    I watched the show last night as well and didn't expect to hear anything that would piss off the country music fans. So last night was all about kiss the troops, support the troops lovefest.

  2. My Aunty Wore Stants wooda slugged the Mcee and grabbed the mike. Too bad shes no longer withus.
    Jews Haarp

  3. Yep, the salt of the earth country folks in the US are naive when it comes to the military. Southerners have always been the backbone of our military and most of them can't see beyond the flag to see the bankers and the body bags.

    I just had a conversation with a so-called southern rebel with "southern blood flowing through his veins" who can't wait to join the military. He's against communism, globalism, all the isms but he can't wait to become government issue.

    CMA? Darius Rucker? Come on, Nashville was castrated many years ago. There is an underground country backlash growing though. Look into Hank Williams III, the grandson.

    They hate the slick hollywood style country. There are some outlaw Waylon Jennings types incubating behind the scenes.

  4. Gotta love Hank 3
    lol been a few months. He's great.

  5. Didn't watch the CMA, since country music lost its soul a long time ago.
    The damn stuff all sounds the same, but I guess that sells.

    From your pics posted, it looked they had some strippers on stage... Sex sells..... spayed and neutered music.

    Country Music Inc. is now one of the officially designated "Masters of Reality" that supplies us with the sound track so we can keep living in our own little Disneyworld, where everyone wears white hats, flags are flying, Mom's baking apple pie and we bring democracy to grateful savages.

    Brought to us by tough guys like Turdy Keith, who likes to sing about kicking some Muslim ass, but if he's so damn tough, why didn't he enlist and do some ass-kickin' in person, or would that be too dangerous, Turdy?

    Wasn't it Johnny Cash that had the album cover showing him flipping the finger to the Nashville skyline?

  6. Right on Greg. Tough guy Toby is funny. For some reason I'm getting hungry. MMM Bacon mmusssst haaaave mmmore.
    Johnny Cash.
    Cash? mmussst haaaave mmmore.

  7. Did,t Lennerd Skynnerd just throw their support behind the fascists? Godnguns or something wierd like that.
    From fascism to Freedom. MMmmussst haaaave mmmore.

  8. One of the elves said that Mr. and Mrs Clause said that since no end to the Laffghan mission or piece for Lie-raq on the raidar that Christmas is cancelled this year.

  9. toby fights the war from behind a microphone and at pool side with sun lotion. bit like the jewcon war hawks and their pets. they fight from studios

  10. None of the accepted CMA artists are going to say or sing anything anti War because it is not profitable. Reason why? No draft, and none of the peeps in this country give a rats ass because its not their kids as long as they do not join. Look at the propaganda BS Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood spread over this country and made a wagon of loot doing so. Personally I can't see how much "My Father is blind in one eye" and "God Bless the U.S.A." anybody can take without a barf bag. Hats off to the Dixie Chicks for using their freedom of speech rights to sing it like it is. The way its going, we won't have those rights long. Have to turn them over to Homeland Security for safe keeping.

  11. Right on Daiue.
    Stay "safe

  12. Toby Keith did not serve in the military and either did Daryl Worley . Think about how much piaster ($$$$) these two jackals made singing their stars and bars propaganda?

  13. Just heard a good one...Quote of the month;
    Never tru$t a guy you can buy.