Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Media and Al Gore

Right after the release of the hacked CRU files, Al Gore traveled to SNL for some not so funny attempts at comedy. We're not very amused at his lies either.

The media still gives Al a pass....
It is a characteristic of all movements and crusades that the psychopathic element rises to the top.” Robert Lindner

How much longer will Al Gore get a pass from the mainstream media? A little bit longer if their failure to react to the devastating revelations of files hacked from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia is a measure. Their behavior reflects how most, especially from the left, have abetted the scientists who deliberately perverted climate science.

The definition of delusional is, “An idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument.” You decide.
{more - Tim Ball via The Peoples Voice}
Instead of reporting on the CRU and having real debates, ABC today continues to spin the 'scientists' conspiracy. (thanks for the link to willyloman)
Global Warming Report Finds Time Running Out

26 Scientists Say Assessment Gives World Leaders Solid Data for Climate Summit

There's even less time for humanity to try to curb global warming than recently thought, according to a new in-depth scientific assessment by 26 scientists from eight countries. {more}

While most of the media hides, there has been one report that if even close to being true should be a Gore talking point but he tends to stay away from real pollution.
How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world

The press gives Al a forum in Alberta Canada.

Extracting oil from Alberta's tar sands jeopardizes the survival of our species, says Al Gore.

He called such projects "crazy."

"They have to tear up four tons of landscape, all for one barrel of oil. It is truly nuts. But, you know, junkies find veins in their toes."{more}

If words don't work, computer simulations may do the trick...all real of course.

Al Gore: Supercomputers can sway global warming ways

Supercomputers with visualization programs can also make the case for the increase in global warming and provide simulations as evidence to reverse that trend.
That's where supercomputers come in — they can illicit that visceral response by showing what the future will be like if we don't change our ways, according to Gore. {more}

Mike Rivero's assessment.....
Folks, Climategate is not just about CRU. The damage-control limited-hangout strategy will be to confine the issue to CRU. The corporate media will whine and try to play victim and claim they were fooled along with the rest of us ... except that the blogs and alternative media were not fooled at all.

In order to believe that ABCNNBBCBS are innocent victims in all this, then you have to believe that gigantic TV networks with millions of dollars in budgets and staffs in the thousands, all failed to find the obvious signs of deception spotted by bloggers operating on spare change found under seat cushions.
That is simply beyond belief.

Far from being innocent parties, the TV networks were co-conspirators in the campaign to truck you into accepting more taxes, more control over your lives, and of course, the global government.

There is no need to "reanalyze" anything. That is just a dodge to delay the consequences of the public finding out the first analysis was a bunch of rubbish. And how can they reanalyze anything since CRU admitted destroying the raw data last August!

There is nothing to reanalyze. CRU lied to us all. The corporate media lied to us all. The US government lied to us all. The United Nations lied to us all. The proper course of action is to brand all these liars in public, not out of revenge, but to severely limit their ability to lie successfully to the public again.

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