Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Root of the Lies... 9/11...continues to destroy

The sad and most frustrating aspect of the Fort Hood shootings is that we, as a nation, cannot overcome the indoctrinations of a lifetime. Believe what the government says, believe what the media tells us...they wouldn't lie.

9/11 was the biggest lie. Getting away with that lie led to Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond. Kids who can't question, who can't apply reason and critical thinking join up to fight the manufactured 'enemy' and who die without ever knowing it was in vain. The families cry and mourn for the rest of their lives and most refuse to face the was all for lies.

Fort Hood victim Amy Krueger had joined the Army to take on Osama bin Laden, her family said.

Soldier's mom says slain daughter Amy Krueger signed up to serve day after Sept. 11, 2001
Three years removed from high school, Amy Krueger was in an Army Reserve recruiting office the day after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, signing up to serve her country.

At the time, Jeri Krueger told her daughter she would not be able to take on Osama bin Laden by herself.

On Friday, Jeri Krueger recalled her daughter’s response: “Watch me.”

Amy Krueger served three months in Afghanistan in 2003. As a reservist for eight years, she rose to the rank of staff sergeant and handled everything the Army threw her way.

As recently as Tuesday she called her mother, Jeri, to report her safe arrival at Fort Hood, Texas, where she was to receive her final training before active-duty deployment to Afghanistan next month.

 On Thursday, her training, plans and life ended on the huge military base at the hands of a fellow soldier who shot more than 40 people. Krueger, 29, was among 13 killed in the assault by Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, who also was scheduled for deployment to Afghanistan in December. {more}


  1. no disrespect to Amy ...

    but can you imagine what her reaction would be to see Binny laden sitting across the same lobby where she just arrived?

    She is a newcomer but Binny been sitting there since '01.

  2. Note All Lies And Deception Are Designed Against INDUCTION
    (Apollonian, 7 Nov 09)

    Remember there's another technique or factor of deception being used by Judeo-conspirators (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy)--that sheer HUSTLING. Yet another form of it (hustling) is "information overload" which causes victim's mind (like a computer) to FREEZE up.

    But regardless, we know fm our Christian culture and heritage that "crime does not pay"--but exactly how then are things reducing to absurd?--answer: the CYCLIC theory of history will tell. For parasites and criminal conspirators are destroying the very host upon which they depend.

    Observe then as people are stunned and stupefied by 9-11, next we get the Iraq war. 9-11 itself followed the OK City bombing, though after about 6 years. Then there was Katrina in 2005. Thus Americans are shell-shocked and punch-drunk--NOT ALLOWED TO THINK and collect thoughts--one crisis/disaster following another.

    And in every case, mass-corporate Jews-media adds to and enhances all the confusion, 9-11 preceded by Chandra Levy murder mystery, the bombing of Serbia preceded by Monica Lewinsky and Presidential impeachment hype--only internet blogging of last few years has helped Americans to collect any thoughts at all.

    And observe through it all, the obvious culprits and suspects are shielded by that phony, suicidal MORALITY AND MORALISM, pushed by mass-corporate "Jews-media": "u cannot suspect Jews or Israel as that would be 'anti-semitic.'" Ohhhhh noooooooo, we can't be immoral or anti-semitic.

    Thus observe how MORALITY is used to trump reality and truth--and foremost moralists of course are those precious Jews, who else?

    Jews are soooo precious that "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists veritably worship them--and agree w. everything Jews say and tell them.

    So it all, cultural confusion and dysfunction, will simply continue until weaklings and losers finally die-out--thus following a CYCLIC pattern like everything else about history and socio-biology.

    And as host-victim is steadily destroyed by this vile, corrosive, insidious, and murderous parasite, the parasites themselves must be getting anxious to a certain degree--for how, after all, will THEY, the parasites, continue to live if too much of host-victim is destroyed?

    So the rest of us, who hope to survive, MUST learn to make use of Inductive logic by which we identify most likely suspects and culprits and REQUIRE them to prove they're not responsible.

    And those who struggle to survive had better learn this method of induction by which all the particular details and facts are observed and then GENERALIZED (induction).

    Who is it who ALWAYS benefits fm every disaster?--this technique is known as "CUI BONO" fm time of the Romans. Further, note there's a consistent INDUCTIVE pattern here too for these precious beneficiaries of every disaster--which never strikes Jews, but always dumb goyim.

    CONCLUSION: Finally, those who hope to survive should remember the greatest Christian virtue is HONESTY--and truth and reality are not trumped by "MORALITY" or moralism. Inductive logic tells us exactly what the problem is: "it's Jews, stupid." Now we just need a little honesty, just a bit. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. Extremeley sad that the only way people can stay employed is to join the military.

    Hey TOTO.. are we in Israel yet?

    When we had the draft... young people stood up and protested. (I was at Kent State on that warm day in May..)

    If we want to save our country.. young people are going to have to start standing up and fighting for their beliefs.

    If they don't.. we are all screwed.

    In a few more years I will be gone from this earth. I can't help it.. I'm getting old. But young people do not realize the rath of fascism that is waiting for them at the back door of America... at this very hour.

    As Jimmy Hendrix once said... many years ago... "All along the watch tower...Do not speak falsely now.. for the hour is getting late.."

  4. Now the story is going off the deep end…

    Fort Hood shooting: Texas army killer linked to September 11 terrorists

  5. I did not want to believe another conspiracy theory, so I hoped Rivero's theory was wrong. But as your deep end embellishment demonstrates, why waste a crisis? I think something troubling happened at Fort Hood and they found a way to make a war-serving propaganda piece out of it ala Pat Tillman.

    Consider two contradicting facts. One, at least 3 people saw the shooter at the moment he was shot: the female heroine, the second shooter and a guy I just saw being interviewed as one of the first people on the scene. "How did the shooter seem?" "Calm," he replies.

    So he saw this calm man with a gun shot. He or the police officer or the second shooter decided to pronounce him dead at the scene. They tossed him into an ambulance and waved goodbye. No one went with him. In fact, they misplaced him, mistaking him for somebody else after playing doctor and pronouncing him dead and doing nothing further in the custody of evidence. Right. Sure, that's what happened. You do not misplace a mass murderer that you have apprehended.

  6. They have to make it a war serving propaganda piece... I mean, a ranking officer just left the service (or was it the State Department) saying that the whole thing was a sham... that we had no business in Afghanistan OR Iraq...

    and of course all of that comes on the heels of a huge internal debate about "surging" in Afghanistan WHILE everyone with half a brain reads that our puppet government is fixing elections and killing civilians and shipping heroin... all in the name of bringing "democracy" to a country that was better off before we got there..

    so yeah, as bad as all that is, with all those billions on the line for the contractors and the trillion maybe for the LNG and oil reserves hanging in the balence, they have to spin this story back to 9/11...

  7. About that Telegraph report...

    It's such blatant propaganda. He was "linked", mind you. The sad thing is that sheeple still buy that nonsense.

    I guess we'll never know the truth about this guy, whether he is a patsy, a convenient scapegoat, or otherwise.

  8. What next, that Hasan met Mohammed Atta in Prague?

    The Jews always start screaming 'Anti-Semite" anytime someone starts getting close to the truth and the American NWO slavers start trotting out 9/11 anytime the truth starts rearing its ugly head.

    I imagine Hasan also took flight training?

    We should jut give Texas back to Mexico. Between JFK, the shooter at UT, Waco, the Bush mob and other incidents, it's becoming apparent that the state is overrun by out of control loonies.

    I wonder what Israeli CRIME Minister Nuttyahoo is saying about this incident, that it's good for Israel?

  9. Sorry, but this is just another false flag.The timing is to good.Just one guy right,this shit makes me sick.My son has a friend on this base and I'm waiting to here his story.


  10. Oh My, how could this be?
    Decent read here.


    Whose this name among all these higher up's ?
    Hasan served with these individuals. Why was he here?

    Richard V. Allen Former National Security Advisor
    Stephen E. Flynn Ira A. Lipman Senior Fellow for Counterterrorism & National Security Studies Council on Foreign Relations
    Charles B. Curtis President & Chief Operating Officer Nuclear Threat Initiative
    Judge William H.Webster Former Director of Central Intelligence and Former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Scroll down to page 29 and there is Hasan's John Hancock.

  11. Webster Tarpley has a long detailed analysis today on Hasan as a patsy.

  12. Thanks Ken, will check it out.