Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tales of Abused Animals

Our local news site, CannonWire, broke this animal abuse story here and here and here. The Nashville media has picked it up and made it a feature for tonight. Thanks to them. These stories need to be told.

I'm going to speculate that this case was a symptom of the current economic situation. In my travels over the last couple of years in the middle Tennessee deep rural areas I've seen the same thing. People are poor, they can't sell the horses at any price and the animals slowly starve for lack of alternatives.

The mistreatment of animals gets attention when it's about the poor horses or dogs but the abuse and slaughter every day in factory farms so we can gorge ourselves with cheap meat is rarely mentioned. The media is silent when the abuse is 'acceptable,' traditional and sanctioned.

My comment to the wire on this.....
I'm encouraged by the concern and number of comments on this animal abuse story. It's truly something that should not happen.

But I'm wondering how many would feel the concern if the story was about the 10 billion animals slaughtered each year in this country, 99% of them in factory farms where every single animal is abused.

Hatchery abuse...

Horrors of a turkey farm...Happy Thanksgiving

Downer cattle

inside the horse slaughter house

I could go on and on but I hear a $1 value burger at McDonald's calling. yum


Cannon Courier article and photos here.

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