Saturday, November 28, 2009


Once again we have a globalist backed front group that is leading the flock. This time towards Copenhagen.

TckTckTck is a slick organization. They get a lot of young folks to think they are doing something important and 'dance for the climate' and encourage their 'leaders' to tax the very air we breathe if that's what is necessary to save us from ourselves. Turning a midnight oil song into a contrived anthem for all of the useful idiots is one of their 'accomplishments.' "Pay the rent, pay our share"

Tck seems to want to be a centralized umbrella group, unifying the message...
Our partners range from some of the largest civil society organizations in the world, including the World Wildlife Fund, Oxfam, and Amnesty International, to our equally important individual, local, and national partners, like Presencia Ciudadana Mexicana. We are unified globally, bringing together faith groups, like the World Council of Churches, anti-poverty groups, like the Global Campaign Against Poverty, and science organizations, like the Union of Concerned Scientists.

TckTckTck is a project of the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA), a bold, new initiative involving a growing number of national and global organizations in support of a single goal: to mobilize civil society and to galvanize public opinion in support of transformational change and rapid action to save the planet from dangerous levels of climate change. {more] {List of Tck partners}
Now before I join up with the Tck gang, I'd like to know where their funding comes from.
From their website...
The campaign is funded by a number of private foundations directly engaged on the issue of climate change.
You might think Tck would be proud of these private foundations that give them a ton of money and shout out some kudos but I guess those foundations are just shy and don't want the publicity. A google search doesn't turn up much info on who funds Tck.

But we do know that one of the partners of Tck is '350,' a subsidiary of the Sustainable Markets Foundation, an offshoot of The Rockefeller Brothers Fund. {more}

So, we may infer that the Tck funding is similar and that the money trail goes back to the central banks and their allies who will benefit the most from the carbon scam.

Tck will have a presence at the Copenhagen Climate Conference and will get some tv time and a pass. From reports, other groups that may not be as friendly to the agenda may get to be an experiment in 'thought crimes.'
The Danish parliament today passed legislation which will give police sweeping powers of "pre-emptive" arrest and extend custodial sentences for acts of civil disobedience. The "deeply worrying" law comes ahead of the UN climate talks which start on 7 December and are expected to attract thousands of activists from next week.

Under the new powers, Danish police will be able to detain people for up to 12 hours whom they suspect might break the law in the near future. {more}
If you're not with Tic and the gang, then you had better watch your thoughts...the Danish think they can read them.

Pre-emptive, now where have we heard that before? That used to be only for wars of aggression and theft but it may be coming down to those who only speak against the religion of 'climate change' and eventually anything else deemed heretical.



  1. I always thought that Midnight Oil song was about the Aborigines of Australia. I guess the Globocorp scum will steal anything in their quest to indoctrinate Green Jugend. Have you ever seen that part in the classic old movie Network where Ned Beatty breaks it down about corporate control of this failed world it is greatness unleashed. Love to see a vid or transcript of that.

  2. not quite but lol
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  3. Anon I don't want to look it is probably the scene from Deliverance! Bwahaha! Is that what our corporate masters do to us all on a daily basis?