Sunday, November 22, 2009

Was Abraham Zapruder in Dealey Plaza to document the JFK assassination?

Did Jewish businessman and 33rd degree freemason (?) Abraham Zapruder just happen to be in the right place at the right time? Did he have ties to the CIA and Lee Harvey Oswald? As the filming Israelis on 9/11, was he there to document the event? In any case, lucky Abe received $150,000 for the film from Time-Life and in 1999 a three-member arbitration panel of the US Government awarded the Zapruder family heirs $16 million for the film.

Less than 2 hours after the assassination, Zapruder was in the studio of WFAA-TV for an interview. {go to 4:39 in the video}
"You have the film in your camera...we'll try to get it processed and have it as soon as possible" the newsman says.

Zapruder replies, "Yes I brought it in the studio."
Of course WFAA did not air the footage. The original was taken and possibly manipulated before it was ever publicly seen.

The Zapruder film was altered

46 years since Kennedy was killed and we still don't know the truth. Just like 9/11, I have my doubts if we ever will in our lifetimes.


The patsy.....


  1. Kennedy Assassination: Prelude To 9-11 For Dis-Info, Distraction, Etc.
    (Apollonian, 22 Nov 09)

    Well, when one looks at all the dis-info that's gone into the effort to distract and divert the stupid gentile goons fm the monster that's devouring them--U JUST GOTTA MARVEL, I swear. Kennedy assassination was absolutely classic, so brilliantly successful prelude to 9-11.

    Thus one learns, first, about the false MAMMON God who/which dazzles and distracts the victim with false prosperity--look, there's football, TV, porno, and video-games--what more could a good little air-head want?--I know well, as it takes one to know one.

    Yes, and there's drugs too, the illegal drugs for the youth who pay incredible prices, thinking they're soooo slick in getting away fm "authority," and then there are the prescription drugs which REALLY mess u up when u get older, or if u are institutionalized for any reason, young or old.

    And the other great and horrific destroyer of focused thought and inductive logic is MORALISM, never doubt--"Morality." Thus it's sooooo "good" to feel guilty, u know--because such guilt inspires morality. Guilt is good because it means u "feel" moralistic--isn't it wonderful? For if u didn't feel guilty, it would mean u have NO "moral sense," and wouldn't that be just soooo horrible?

    Thus it wasn't so evident for the Kennedy assassination, perhaps, but it is un-questionably BLATANT and in-ur-face, for the latest 9-11 outrage: U CANNOT BE "ANTI-SEMITIC"--thus u cannot suspect Jews, comrades. Thus the Jews get away soooo slickly--they can do anything they want--and u cannot suspect them as it would be immoral, u see.

    Note then this moralism is what so well shields the Jew murderers, and in combination with false Mammon god, IT'S FOOL-PROOF. No wonder the Jews are sooooooo . . . confident on one hand, yet they're un-easy as they see, golly, but US Dollar is about to collapse--which it will (collapse) sooner or later.

    The other little thing is that as Jew parasites observe gentile host (at least whites) is destroyed, Jew parasites must be affected too. Thus if USA becomes third-world -type economy--HOW will dear little Israel parasite and terror-state cope without big-brother to suck off of?--oh golly gee.

    CONCLUSION: And nothing--but nothing whatsoever--can or will stop this horrific process of CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. All u can do is hope and pray to "weathering the storm," that's all, so that u're still there when society and civilization can start up again. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  2. People will never understand JFK or 9-11 without first accepting that America's rulers are enemies of the American people, without first understanding what is Judaism, and without first understanding the secret societies which can be summed up as Freemasons.

    Without that understanding, every "non-Warren" "non-911-commish" explanation founders when someone is asked:

    "but why? how? how could they have gotten away with it? why would Congress/the CIA/the FBI/etc do it or cover it up? it makes no sense..."

    All of those things only make sense when you understand that America's rulers are as anti-American as the USSR's rulers were anti-Russian (anti-Estonian, anti-Ukrainian, etc).

  3. You mean Lee didn't get off three precise shots in less than six seconds from a worn out, cheaply made WWII surplus Italian bolt-action rifle?

    If only Jacob RUBENSTEIN hadn't shot Oswald. Most people know JACOB by the name he used, Jack Ruby.

  4. The alleged rifle also had a defective scope. For a shot in the dark, that pristine bullet sure had eyes!

    No one talked about JFK yesterday. Too worried about the football games. When I mentioned it to the boy in the feed line he said "Who?"


    Has anyone said thank you to you lately? I think I just did. Happy Thanksgiving, Tennessee.

  5. Rocker, Greg, Brian and even A,
    Happy Thanksgiving, hope you have some fun...