Wednesday, December 30, 2009

$16 Billion pledged by U.S. to train, equip Afghan army not enough says Defense Ministry

"We want a bigger cut of the $1 trillion heroin market. The central banks and the CIA need to share more."

Defense Ministry spokesman Zaher Azimy ...

The United States has pledged $16 billion to spend on training and equipping Afghanistan's army and air force, but the country needs more to build a force that can guarantee stability, an Afghan army official said on Wednesday.
Defense Ministry spokesman Zaher Azimy said Kabul hoped a donor conference in London next month would provide cash and supplies needed for ambitious plans to expand the army to 240,000 soldiers, from over 100,000 at present.

"For the expansion process of the army, the United States has pledged $16 billion," Azimi said, adding that the cash would be spread out over the period needed to scale up the army, currently estimated at around four years.

"This is not enough by any means and we are hopeful to receive more assistance in London conference (from other NATO allies)."

He was speaking at a joint news conference with a spokesman for NATO-led forces, who did not dispute the $16 billion figure. {more}

Meanwhile, 8 Americans, reportedly civilians, have been killed at a U.S. military base in south eastern Afghanistan proving that security needs a boost.

Unconfirmed reports are that Israel, upon hearing of the $16 billion for Afghanistan, is demanding more than the measly $5 billion we give them each year ... or else ...

Meanwhile, an unknown number, maybe 20 + million Americans are unemployed.


  1. $16 Billion to the War Lords..

    Why is this not pissing off enough Americans to call their elected crooks?

    $16 Billion to Afpakistan..not a dime to jobs in America? WTF?

    What are these people thinking?

    THey are all delusional. It goes Beyond Kabui Theater....

  2. It helped me to be dealt a good crushing blow and be greatly humbled back in 1988. Can't even cry when one eye is dry from watching a loved one die its evident this is not a government but parasitic Vultures feasting on a bloated corpse hungrily.

  3. You have to figure in the 30% off the top for payoffs to cronys, then another 20% that goes to the Taliban to keep them in fighting shape, so 16 billion doesn't go too far.


  5. reports now say it was heart attack

    it's utter chaos over there

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