Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Climate Reparations

Coming historically close on the heels of the successful reparation program for the 'Holocaust' comes the UN program to force us to pay for our 'environmental sins.'

Everything from 1800 AD is fair game. The 'sins' of our fathers are also ours.

NGOs Propose Measures for Justice

A Platform for Climate Justice, a consortium of people’s movements in Asia, has highlighted solving climate change and injustice through the transformation of global economic, political and socio-cultural systems. It urges the broad recognition of climate debt, along with reparations to redress it, estimating a figure of US $24 trillion from the climate debt incurred between 1800 and 2008.

One of the controlled opposition's leading spokespersons, Naomi Klein, is cheerleading the reparation angle.
On Monday [in Copenhagen}, environmental activists opened a parallel summit billed as the global civil society counterpart to the climate talks. Addressing the Klimaforum’s opening session, the Canadian author and activist Naomi Klein called for climate reparations to developing nations and stressed the urgency of a grassroots environmental movement.
Naomi Klein: “We have to somehow offset the carbon we emitted coming here. How do we do it? We do it, or we try to do it, by using this incredible space, this historic convergence, to build the kind of global mass movement that will never ever let our leaders get away with this kind of criminal negligence again. That is our task, my friends. It is awesome and fearsome. Think of it as the mother of all carbon offsets.” {more - Democracy Now}
 Cliff Kincaid {caveat emptor} at Accuracy in Media reports on the reparations.
Socialists Demand Trillions in "Climate Debt"
The U.S. failure to pay, argues leftist Canadian writer Naomi Klein, has already produced "climate rage" and a "global movement for climate justice" led by Bolivia's socialist President Evo Morales. The implication is that if the U.S. doesn't pay up, protests and even violence could break out. {more}
The UN agenda ... Climate Justice for a Changing Planet

Copenhagen climate change summit - opening day liveblog

We have a multitude of environmental problems. Most of us can just look around during our daily travels and see some while many remain hidden without personal research.

But instead of focusing on the most obvious problems we could solve, we are being led astray. An agenda of reparations, which will of course be handled by the bankers, is another variable in the psyops/social engineering so called 'environmentalism' plan of stealing everything we have.

Those at the top of the criminal food chain don't come up with anything new, just 'innovative offshoots' of the same scams that have worked before.

Holocaust reparations ... worked ...

Climate reparations ... to be determined ...


  1. Astounding ideas to extort ever more money,- good article. Not only the amount of "money" (perhaps the wrong term, - the masses of it, that are made to dissapear in our days)- it's like social structures, culture is converted into debt bills by the money lenders and deseasing away. In the 1990s already one had the impression of a sellout in every aspect of Western Economy.
    From the angle of the propaganda for the consumers paradise, swimming on the known bankers debt bubbles, their advertising industry was so successful, that they lost any restraint, any reasonable measure.
    Germany, as I read has had to pay reparation for the first Worldwar, but no one knows that.
    The same mishpoke, that made war-propaganda in the Worldwars, the same massmedia now instigate hysteria, "War on climate" again, swine flu.. .after 911, Iraqwar. Just wanted to say, it looks like, they can't stop their machinations and lies, it is getting bigger and bigger.

  2. sorry lost a part of the sentence above:
    ..."Germany, as I read has had to pay reparation for the first Worldwar, but no one knows that."....
    - until next year - that is, or 2011 AD.

  3. Many in Canada don'r know the debt reparation value of the number on the back of their Birth Certificate maybe $ 10 Million each as a marker for that # is traded on the Stock Market


  4. Sorry if we can't find a Link directly in Your article for an Alternative Group endorsing or NOT cheerleading the reparation angle ?


  5. Re: "The U.S. failure to pay, argues leftist Canadian writer Naomi Klein, has already produced "climate rage"

    - I'll show her "climate rage"!

  6. Easy climate change denial is a crime. Enjoy your freedoms.

  7. Almost impossible to believe they can go ahead and do this confronted with the leaked e-mails/ClimateGate.

    One can hope the Gore-ists will suffer inconceivable misery when they awaken to what they have done to themselves and their fellow man.

    Women are a big supporter of "global-warming" and "save the planet" because they are generally politically stupid and easily manipulated.

    They get involved not knowing what they are assisting and they do it repeatedly. Women are born Communist. They hold the world as their own private "kindergarten" and hunger to rule everyone's life.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the faces of those ridiculous "soccer moms" who wasted precious time tucking their garbage into separate compartments to "save the planet" when struck with the realization that reducing their global footprint actually means reducing THEM.