Saturday, December 19, 2009

Food so good, you need a license to eat it

Having a holly jolly Christmas at the Ganja Gourmet.

Sounds like fun but this is only for the high end medical marijuana 'patients.' It's just a place for some to profit from the sanctioned beginnings of a for profit industry.

Why should anyone have to pay a 'doctor' to issue them a license to use a plant, an herb that is simple for anyone to grow in their backyard garden and at little cost.

Why shouldn't any do it yourselfer - home grower - self prescriber - chef not have the same rights in the privacy of their homes as those who play within the system and pay the price?

I don't like the idea of having to 'show your card' in order to eat what you want.

Ganja chefs serve up medical pot for foodies.

At $89 per pizza, the munchies can get rather expensive.


  1. I just love brownies, especially my special recipe.

  2. Unlicenced Brownie
    Two Cookies.