Sunday, December 6, 2009

Israel's answer to 'climate change' - close the sole oil and gas terminal on Gaza border

"Our initial efforts to save the world from catastrophic climate change through an internet-based campaign to encourage Jews to light one less candle during Hanukkah, thereby saving 15 grams of CO2 per menorah and reducing the kosher pollution fingerprint of Jews in the world has fallen short of expectations.Our top rabbis felt this was not appropriate.

After consulting with our good friend Al Gore, we decided that our only option was to cut off a significant portion of the oil and cooking gas to Gaza.

Nahal Oz crossing will only be open one day a week, down from seven. This reduced Gaza's gas needs 97% in the first week of November and 83% in the second.

By continuing the policy of eliminating these polluting fuels, we declare that Israel is in the forefront of the war against our planet and will maintain our position of being a leader in carbon reduction.

We call upon the other nations attending the Copenhagen Climate Conference to follow our lead in saving the planet."

excerpts from Netanyahu's environmental speech to the world ... Dec. 6, 2009

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