Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

Finally ... a war plan!

We've been waiting for so long.

30,000 more troops will take care of those al qaeda and taliban anti-americans.

We'll get 'em in quick, kick ass and start withdrawing by 2011 ... maybe.

"the White House will not set a pace for withdrawal or give a final end date for when all troops will come home."

So the assurances that the war would not be open ended is sort of up in the air?

But hey, what do you expect?

They don't call it permanent war for nothing.

Obama's speech tonight in lies per minute may be among the best in the history of American presidents.

The teleprompter propagandist .....  He reads very well from the script.
Full Transcript: President Obama' s Speech on Afghanistan

Media mouthpiece/whore Keith Olbermann sets the puppet stage with  these words ... "The beginning of the end of US involvement in Afghanistan."

Did I hear Obama adviser Henry Kissinger whispering and snickering in the background during this speech?
"Soldiers are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."


  1. An anonymous blogger has rumoredly spotted a USB port in Obamas neck.

  2. Obomba has many lords and they all wear 6 headed stars - no surprise there. Here's one below:


  3. The whispering may have been Zbigniew saying how much he hates the Russians. As for Keith Olbermann he needs to stick with ass slapping jocko homo sports. The troops will still be there when Palin gets in 2012 and we bounce back to the right after the dismal failure of Jimmy Carter part 2.

  4. But if Americans aren't willing to die for Afghanistan, then who's going to protect the heroin harvesting and shipments?

  5. Don't worry, we're not leaving for a long time. Too much money to be made, too many junkies to create and feed.