Saturday, December 12, 2009

Protesting to be slaves

Nice suits. I wonder who paid for them?

Once upon a time in a world that now seems like one of those dreams that you just can't quite remember, people took to the streets to protest things like war and racism. Those folks, we thought, were anti-slavery.

Now we have a protest scene at the Copenhagen cluster f..k bought and paid for by the very ones that want to enslave.

Dressing up as 'endangered' animals is fitting since billions of creatures each year are maintained and herded to their slaughter for the appetites of those who can afford the birth to death ritual. It's only in the last moments of the sacrifice that the animals realize what is going to happen. By then it's too late.

Reports are a few of the protesters in Copenhagen are anti-slavery but they aren't the ones getting the media attention. Portrayed as 'deniers,' they are marginalized and seen as betrayers of the planet.

It's a very strange world we live in. Slaves want to remain slaves and indenture themselves even further to the ones who dangle a deceiving promise of a better way. There are better ways but when the globalist criminals repeat the mantra over and over, perhaps we should just back away and decide what our options are. Taking our anger to the streets against the slave masters is always an option, but too many in the herd are blind.

It's All About Globalization, Stupid. WTFU

The same money managers who have already stolen most of our future want more through a massive 'climate saving ' tax scam and redistribution of wealth ... right into their pockets.
The Fed Make out like bandits, while We the People get the losses.

Les Visible ...
There is a segment of the population at the top of the heap who has more than they will ever, ever use and they want more. There is a conspiracy of complicity and silence that runs through the worlds of privilege and when it comes down to it, it is you or them and it’s not going to be them. Well… this can’t go on forever. In an effort to loot everything of value from the system, they have destroyed the system and now they expect the system to protect them from what they have done. Unfortunately, all through the system are the people they are abusing whom they expect to continue to serve them. They do not live in a bubble although they may think they do. They rely on their victims for more than they fully understand.

There’s time to be equitable and sane and to fix everything but they are not inclined in that direction. Well, so be it. All along our personal roads to Samarra we have opportunities and choices that would have changed the outcome of our destined meeting there. We/they ignored every warning. They murdered their conscience in the dark of the night and buried it in a forgotten field. They killed what made them human and now they rise to each day to seek greater and greater insanities of behavior with increasingly public displays. They are so certain of the force of their madness that they pose and preen at the funerals of those they have ruined and destroyed and then they turn their attention to the survivors.

You may well ask yourself why it has to be the way it is when it does not have to be the way that it is. I reflect upon these things through my every day. These scoundrels have got their bolt holes and secret rooms in their palaces and estates. They are so sure that when the storm which has been engineered by their behavior passes, all will return to normal; whatever that is. I am not so sure of that.

As what happens, happens… the awakening continues. The unveiling proceeds apace. The time is coming when there will be little question, even among the dimmest of us, what has happened and is happening and by whose agencies it has come to pass. Within every moment there lies the opportunity to change. Epiphany waits at every crossroads. One can come to realization or realization can come on its own. The result will be the same in either case. The conditions which follow will not.{more}


  1. Great picture! I think the 2nd one from the left is Pete the Sexual Harassment Panda. Guess he landed on his feet after that last gig. Good for Pete.

  2. Eventually, Survivors Will Be United By Anti-Semitism
    (Apollonian, 12 Dec 09)

    Well Kenny--this is why we got u and the rest of the bloggers. See, things human get absurd and insane, all of this in the CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, u understand. For humans are addicted to HUBRIS, by which they imagine they're God, able to create reality--esp. then "moral virtue."

    The only problem is the down-side of the cycle when things finally reduce-to-absurd. For example, it is said now there's tremendous shortage of food-supplies, and prices are getting ready to sky-rocket--sure wouldn't surprise me.

    And if US Dollar completely collapses, then inflation could get really tough.

    So it all depends upon how bad things get and how quickly this occurs. For note people never get tired of stupid things--UNLESS and until things get tough and difficult--only then do they start thinking, "golly, gee, maybe we better start to doing things differently--do u think?"

    And note it's always so difficult to getting people to agree on things--esp. for positive things--for people love to disagree and be "individuals"--like comrade "WillyLoman" who's always sooooooo careful to being "moral," hence anti-antisemitic and politically correct.

    But eventually, WE CAN agree on negative things--like death--none of us wants to die too soon. And eventually, as things continue to "decline," we'll be able to discern and observe WHO BENEFITS?--"Cui Bono"?--and soon enough, enough folks will see it's topmost criminals and to lesser extent then, their (gentile) retainers--"it's Jews, stupid."

    And of course, like I say, there are others too, along w. Jews, Jews themselves composed of both leaders, topmost masterminds, as well as the rank-and-file Jews--like any criminal gang or army.

    And there are gentile accomplices to Jews--like bolsheviki, queers (on the "left"), and "Judeo-Christian" (JC-see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists on the "right," subjectivists, moralists, and fascists--all these connected and related in different ways, but all colluding to same basic purpose, living off of victimized gentiles, poor stupid, dim, slower-witted goons, dupes, fools, and weaklings, bless their hearts. None of us is perfect.

    But my large pt. is that as long as we keep blogging and communicating sufficiently, people, enough of them, will surely keep informed, and soon enough we'll be able to achieve, ourselves, enough of an anti-semitic consensus to be able to over-throw these infernal Judeo-conspirators.

    It's just that things first have to get bad enough--nothing can be done when ZOG-Mammon is at its hey-day, going strong, US Dollar still being willingly accepted as payment for things.

    So I conclude it's surely Jews at the core of it all, esp. the COUNTERFEITING masterminds at the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see and for expo/ref. on Fed fraud. But it's difficult if not impossible to get-at these Jews and masterminds due to their "Praetorian Guard" composed mainly of JCs still willing to accept those Dollar bills.

    Thus what will eventually UNITE all people (who still survive) will be that negative anti-semitism. Thus we only need style this anti-semitism in most expedient manner so as to be able to succeed for Jew-Expulsion, this Jew-expulsion being the only thing sufficient for necessary REVOLUTION to things presently working for mass-death of human-kind.

    For eventually, u see, it will get to pt. that simply removing Jews, all by itself, will be a great improvement for things for all other peoples. Purest anti-semitism, all by itself, will be seen as great virtue.

    CONCLUSION: Thus weaklings among gentiles will continue to die-out in CYCLE of things until survivors realize it really is "Jews, stupid"--even though topmost Jews will try to throw everyone off by sacrificing a lower-level Jew decoy, once in a while, keeping "moral" people like "WillyLoman" fooled. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. It is just a conference for the top of the food chain, or those who believe they are our betters, to divide up the world, just like at Yalta.

  4. The time is coming when there will be little question, even among the dimmest of us, what has happened and is happening and by whose agencies it has come to pass

    Maybe, but it's difficult to understand what is going on elsewhere that is affecting you and your family when you've lost your job or home and are either living on the streets are headed there.

    Stupidity isn't free, it has a price, a terrible price and some are beginning to find that out.

    But all the 'ouchies' will go away tomorrow for an hour or two when the Church of the Most Sacred Bleeding Heart of Jesus of the Thumping Bible tells their flock of 100 million Americans to not worry about themselves, but to cry for Israel.