Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Santa needed to pay his elves."

The latest in a string of Nashville bank robberies since Thanksgiving personified the season as a clumsy but jovial  Santa 'madoff' with some cash, supposedly to pay his 'elves.'  Unconfirmed reports are that Santa had already hocked his sleigh and was heard yelling "Take that Goldman Sachs" as he rode out of sight in a car.

In another local 'Grinch that stole Christmas' tale, thieves broke into a business and took all the stockings that were to be given to a women and children homeless shelter. Desperate times indeed.

Ah, but the universal balancing act kicks in to counter the 'bad Santas' and their compadres in crime as what was described as an 'angel' passed out Christmas cards with $100 bills in a Kmart and 2 men left a $400 tip for 2 Waffle House waitresses.

The give and take of Christmas in America .....


  1. Cars broken into left and right here in Victoria B.C.
    Mine plus the one each side.
    Bad Junkies. That bag of gifts was for a handicapped girl. Now you have pissed me off.
    Hot caps for the lot of you.
    Die you worthless trash. Get a job and a life.
    Bad Junkie. Meet mr. Homerun bat.

  2. There was some acts of kindness here in Das Homeland. Someone put gold Krugerands in the salvation army bell ringers bucket at three different locations. Now that the baby jesus' birthday is over we can go back to hating each other for no reason and hasting our extinction. Woo hoo how about those humans!