Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time Magazine's 'Criminal of the Year'

OK, they actually called called Bernanke 'person of the year' but that's because Time tends to hide many of the facts about the Federal Reserve and their crimes against the American people and the world.

Time's version of an alternate reality.

Ron Paul wasn't as kind to Ben as the media whores and CIA assets at Time but does say that he's the most powerful man in the world. I'll disagree a little on that as Bernanke is just the frontman for those who tell him what to do.

No Chance To Go To College! No Chance For Health Care! UNLESS You Learn To Kill Or Be Killed

Dennis Kucinich 12-15-09

Look at his face ... He's serious too ...


  1. 'Shalom' Ben will make a good fit with other notable Time Men of the Year, like Adolph Hitler...
    Joe Stalin.. TWICE... LBJ... TWICE (They seem to have a fondness for mass murderers)... DICK Nixon... and one of the biggest liars, thieves and mass murderers on the planet... GW BUSH... THREE FUCKING TIMES.

    Yes, Ben's in good company.

    No wonder print mags are going broke.

    They're not even fit to use in an outhouse.

  2. Jews Running Out Of Rope To Hang Themselves, Surely
    (Apollonian, 16 Dec 09)

    Bacon, u'd make more sense if u knew anything. Unc' Adolf was a great hero--and murdered no one we know of, certainly u don't know anything. And u'd be more useful if u did better than repeat stupid Jewwy propaganda.

    Regarding Bernanke--what a blunder by "Jews-media" making such a COUNTERFEITER (hence criminal fraud) so prominent and topical--And good ol' Ron Paul took advantage when he explicitly and emphatically called Bernanke "counterfeiter" over on Fox Business (see where he gave a tremendous interview, taking on four air-heads.

    The prop. line is "Helicopter Ben" saved us all fm "depression" and banks "going under." Congressman Ron explained all that happened was the junkie just got another "fix," that's all, and the basic problem remains and has now actually gotten bigger thanks to "helicopter Ben."

    Think of it: US debt is now 12 Trillion total, acknowledged by all parties. When market int. rates re-assert themselves--inevitable (way over 10%, probably closer to 20%)--INTEREST CHARGES WILL NOT BE PAYABLE.

    Real question is what do "the powers" have up their "sleeve" for us?--for they're running out of options as US Dollar gets ready to collapse. I suspect powers are trying to arrange a race-war, but nothing's going to work for them as long as we keep mighty internet--and if they try to take that away, it will only expose them even more. "Climate-gate" was/is great disaster--due to internet and infernal bloggers.

    Alex Jones ( is working hard to persuade folks there are "good Jews"--like there are "good psychopaths"--but I don't think it's really working. Jones wants to blame CFR-Bilderberg, but those are just Jews themselves, basically, so I don't know what he thinks he's really accomplishing.

    Problem is Jews, and esp. what they stand for: LIES, but Jews still have a lot of allies fm within goyim (like Jones--and Bacon, evidently). And lots of other goyim are dumb enough to go along w. and be "thrown" for "false-flag" pretexts.

    CONCLUSION: Still, slowly but surely, evermore people recognize problem is "Jews, stupid." And Jews are running out of rope by which they're going to hang themselves. Keep ur powder dry. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. I don't even get out of bed in the morning until I have my hip waders on to get through all the crap that is floating around these days.

    I read an excellent piece by a good writer... then POOF, they say something that makes me seriously question their long term goal. How many of them are there who put it all perfectly together but NEVER say the J word!

    It was, I believe, one of the challenges of the thieves on Jekyll Island to arrange the paperwork to accomplish a few things. One was that, no matter the debt of the Federal Reserve, they, the bankers were exempt from paying for it; this debt was directly shifted over onto the citizen.

    It also stated that if things got tough, the US gov had to give them bail out bux. If I remember this correctly, then all this bailout bilge a few months ago was for theatrics and the public.

    The plan for America, as Allan Watts puts it so succinctly in the latest Alex Jones film, The Death of the Republic, is that they remove all the manufacturing businesses. Check!

    Then they keep driving up the debt, the bankers stealing every penny off the eyes of every dead beggar. Oh and grab those dental fillings while you are at it!

    Meanwhile the young of the nation are wounded and broken by war, a generation rendered useless and imminently forgettable.

    Then the financial rugs are pulled out from beneath your feet and you are on your own. Apparently this whole mess was started under the reign of Reagan and Thatcher.

    We know who really ran Reagan, Busch Daddyo. While the old one with no memory napped every day, Daddyo got the dirty neocon work done. During his reign, Greespan came in and the programme accelerated.

    They will ... and are... talking about a moderate recovery yada yada yada, but chances are good that this is jet a set up for an even greater land and asset grab.

    As Jimmy Stewart said, it's a wonderful world.

  4. apollonian, how much does your bud, Abe Foxman and the ADL pay you to spread your droppings around the 'Net like a dog marking his territory and just as smelly?

    BTW, how what did your surgeon say? Will he be able to remove your head from your alimentary canal?

  5. All manner of behind-the-scenes nastiness must have taken place while Americans were distracted by the shooting of Reagan and the OJ Simpson trial.
    I seeem to recall seeing OJ on the tv every single time I arrived home from work for about two years or more......

  6. Just when you think it couldn't get any more bizarre! The elites love to rub our noses in it like a bad puppy. They don't even care anymore. It is all out in the open. Will anyone do anything about it? Shit Dancing with the Derelicts is about to come on then House is on my day is all planned out now.

  7. Greggy Greg: Moralist-Pharisaist Who Insists There Are Good Talmudists
    (Apollonian, 17 Dec 09)

    Greggy Greg: here's the thing--I can give premises and citations for any of my conclusions, any time, as I always have. And I simply challenged u to present ur own premises for ur Jew-friendly cracks about unc' Adolf who was hero and patriot for Germans.

    Greggy Greg's little schtick (about ADL and Foxman) follows that of "Anarchore," a Jew whose website is, a "limited-hangout" operation which holds only "bad Jews" are zionists; otherwise, Talmudists (and those loyal thereto) are okay. See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

    So that's Greggy Greg's problem: what to say about Talmud--which like a girl, he just ignores. "Anarchore" likes to say not all Jews are religious, which then only begs question as to (a) why they call themselves Jews, Jews always (religiously) insisting they're "persecuted," and (b) how "Anarchore" can possibly know so well how Jews aren't loyal to Jews (hence "zionists").

    Greggy and Anarchore like to pretend and insist zionists (like ADL and Foxman) foment hatred of Jews in order to alienate gentiles and drive Jews to zionism, but this is like saying Catholics foment hatred of Catholics in order to drive gentiles to Catholicism--doesn't really make sense. And question is further begged as to why and how Judaism itself is worthy of hatred of gentiles--quite apart fm "zionism."

    CONCLUSION: Greggy Greg is also a moralist-Pharisaist (insisting on "good-evil" fallacy/delusion) as can be confirmed at, "Is Evil...," 30 Aug 08, comments. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  8. I wouldn't quibble to much about people like Buchanan and Paul not being more forceful about the Jew element.

    It's disappointing, but Paul at least is saying clearly: Get out of not just Iraq and Afgh'n; get out of Korea and Germany!

    And Buchanan is constant about the Zionist state stealing $$$ from American workers.

    As for the other matters discussed here: of course there are good Jews and bad Jews. Naturally. But that's not the point.

    The point is: Judaism is a sick, twisted, God-hating, misanthropic racist generational cult.

    It deoesn't matter if there are good Jews. They are good IN SPITE OF Judaism.

    Bottom line: Judaism is evil. There's NOTHING intrinsically good about it.