Thursday, December 3, 2009

An unfathomable mystery

This has got to be one of the most memorable Orwellian phrases ever uttered by one of the current crop of war criminals.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates went on record that deadlines are a foolhardy exercise and that the duration of U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan is an unfathomable mystery.

Whether this was a scripted response or off the cuff is unknown but I can see an ever increasing use of the phrase by administration, congressional and banking shills when being questioned about their activities.

Ben Bernanke goes before a Senate confirmation hearing today and when asked 'where did all the money go,' he may as well say "It's an unfathomable mystery."

The Senate is debating health care reform while considering dozens of amendments and if the question arises 'how in the hell is all of this going to work,' they should just respond "It's an unfathomable mystery."

Cap and trade, climate change, Copenhagen, climategate .... there's only one answer ... "It's an unfathomable mystery."

So let's give thanks to Gates for coining the phrase that can be used in any number of the debates of our time.

No need in wasting words, most of which are just blatant lies. 'An unfathomable mystery' is something that most Americans can relate to.


  1. ha, indeed. they can use it along with the old classics:

    'who could have imagined...'
    'we regret that...' and
    'we had no choice...'

    although i must admit 'unfathomable mystery' has a nice poetic ring to it, more along the lines of 'deeply disturbing' and some of those great phrases from wingnuttia in years gone by.

  2. Poetry ... Who would have thought Gates had it in him?

  3. he probably got it from Luntz or some other serial language abuser

  4. The silence of the anti-war unfathomable mystery.