Sunday, December 20, 2009

WTC 6 and the Secondary Explosions

Understanding the Hidden Bombing of WTC 6

The mysterious explosion at the U.S. Customs House (WTC 6) occurred at 9:04 a.m. on 9-11, at exactly the same time as the second plane crashed into the South Tower. {gif animation}

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Since the CNN video was not broadcast live but later in the day on 9/11, there remains a controversy as to whether the cloud of smoke came before the South Tower collapse at 9:59 am or was immediately after. Researchers will have to come to their own conclusions. Either way it does not detract from the evidence that WTC 1, 2 and 7 were controlled demolitions and there were many witnesses to secondary explosions.

As long as there is no honest and impartial investigation of 9/11, there will remain information and disinformation from all sides of the debate.

9/11 Rescuer Saw Explosions Inside WTC 6 Lobby

Christopher Bollyn exposed as a 911 frump! ???


  1. I don't know how anyone can give credence to Bollyn, after he brought fake witnesses and Eric Huffshit onto The Piper Report.

    I keep hearing, "Oh, he's revealed everything! He's got all the facts!" And yet, where it all laid out -- X went to Y on Z... At his site all I see is one more blog. I don't get it.

  2. Ha

    I read through that forum you've linked to before going to the top of the page and seeing it's an Icke-site.

    My view is all these characters -- the three monkeys (Bollyn, DBS, Huffshit), and Alex Jones, and David Icke, and Shayler, and Burman, are ALL just simians in the zoo throwing shit at each other in a big production.

    They just take oxygen from people like Texe Marrs and Henry Makow who write about the same things (mega-conspiracy, the occult, Illuminati, Kabbalah etc) but are sincere and always come back to the fundamental Jew element. And no aliens or lizards...

    Webster Tarpley does a good job explaining the secret services and secret societies connections and MO (false flag, infiltration, etc), but avoids "antisemitism" like the plague and is tainted by his connection to Jones (as is T. Marrs).

    G Edward Griffin is also someone who's now associated unfortunately with Jones, even though he was writing about these things before Jones was conceived (by a lizard and a "Teutonic Zionist...?")

    But Marrs and Griffin and Makow and Tarpley are useful for what they write sincerely.

    Th rest are just scammers, disinfo, or just in it for the sheckels as far as I can tell.

    My view is simple:

    Building 7 not being mentioned in the 911 Comm. "report" is enough to prove a cover-up. Everything else is extra.

    911 was an inside job. That's all. People say, "Then who did it!" I don't know for a fact. I don't need to. I just know it wasn't just a bunch of Arabs and a caveman. Everything else is extra: did the Arabs know thei role? Were they CIA? Did they believe they were on a jihad? All interesting, but extra.

    So, 911 inside job + coverup.

    USS Liberty is enough to prove Israel's at war with America.

    Then the Jewish spy threat.Simple. Undeniable.

    Then the fact that Jews run or control America, and set the debate and the standards.

    Then the fact that the Talmud is filth, and those who follow it are at war with humanity and with God.

    Then the fact that all of the elite bankers, judges, police chiefs, politicians, media controllers, etc., are Freemasons, or are related to Freemasons, and Freemasons are Satanic and hate creation, and they believe the end justifies the means, and their first allegiance is to brotherhood. Then the fact that there is never any serious discussion in the media, courts, or govt abt this fact that figures all over the world have pledged loyalty to their lodge, and they are anti-Christ. For me that's indisputable. Coverup confirms the conspiracy.

    From these facts I proceed, and try to avoid these "truther" personality cults.

    Keep on searching. Good luck. God bless you. And have a Merry Christmas.

  3. I agree with much of what you say. I do pay some attention to the 'controlled opposition' to see what they're up and I'm aware of the soap operas going on.

    That Icke link came direct from the Bollyn article. I thought that was very strange.

    Merry Christmas to you too Brian. Have a good week.

  4. Jews--Still Profiteering From Moralism-Pharisaism And Counterfeit Fraud/Complex
    (Apollonian, 21 Dec 09)

    Hey, that's a fantastic summation by "brianakira," truly: Now "brian...," all u gotta do is APPLY THAT INDUCTIVE technique like old Sherlock Holmes. Of all possible candidates, WHO now are most likely suspects?--"it's Jews, stupid," but note there are different factions/gangs within the large conspiracy, like the CFR-Bilderberg (see and for expo/ref.) on "left" and Israel-"Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) on the "right."

    MOST LIKELY suspects must now give evidence/explanations why they should be ruled out for suspicion--this is routine investigative methodology, never forget. Also, don't forget "cui bono"--who benefits?

    Another element for the evidence complex is latest "climate-gate" scandal and treatment by mass-corporate "Jews-media." Observe then how culprits are caught lying through their proverbial teeth--so now what do they do?--they tell even bigger lies, more, in-ur-face.

    Jews get away w. it all as their money fraud COUNTERFEIT scam/racket/operation/mechanism continues to be productive for them, but presently w. DIMINISHING RETURNS as the currency is evermore debauched, the masterminds at the top having to pay-off evermore cohorts and accomplices.

    Further, remember these scum at top are ABSOLUTE CRIMINALS to the core, and "THERE IS NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES," never doubt. That's why a most significant event now is one faction "spilling beans" on another--see the incredible video on (also Alex Jones Channel), "Global Warming 1/4 - Conspiracy Theory - Jesse Ventura"--it's absolutely jaw-dropping as CFR-Bilderberg, at least by implication, is royally "ratted-out" by Jesse Ventura and side-kick Alex Jones.

    And it all makes sense when u consider w. USA going over cliff, economically, US Dollar getting ready to collapse, very soon now, Israel is going to be left holding a sad and pitiable bag, isn't it, w. former USA sugar-daddy now in poor-house.

    Afore-mentioned video is quite melo-dramatic w. Jesse Ventura playing dumb at first--"what?--u mean they're lying about global warming?" Well, by golly, I'm Jesse Ventura, ex-US Navy SEAL, and I'm a-gonna get to the bottom of this, by George, he announces, looking at us in the proverbial camera-eye.

    Of course, Jesse never mentions the Jew by name, but he does say quite a lot otherwise--and DOES indubitably emphasize the CONSPIRACY theme most pointedly and seriously--it's in the very title of his show, don't forget.

    So "Brianakira" DO keep up ur excellent work, good comrade, note now u only have to insist and demand these Jew suspects MUST start talking turkey--which of course they won't do, simply spitting in our gentile faces, telling us it's "immoral" to be anti-semitic by being soooooo suspicious. What?--u dare to suspect Jews?

    CONCLUSION: And that then is their strong-pt. for Jews which still works for them: moralism-Pharisaism--which they can always count on getting their JC friends to go along with, including Greg Bacon, who pretends anti-semitism (hence Christianity), only serves interests of Zionism, etc. But if zionists are Jews--how does anti-semitism really help them?--the question Bacon can't answer (in serious manner), and which he always ignores in typical female-fashion, if u notice. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  5. That animated gif looks doctored--there's a white line going down the middle of the tower that makes it look like two separate views of the north tower were spliced together. The left hand side looks like a shot of the North Tower when the South Tower is exploding, or more precisely when it has exploded to the ground, causing that pyroclastic plume to rise.

  6. correction--I see now that the line is the edge of the building--but it's not a view from when the south tower is hit by the airplane, it's a view from when the south tower is collapsing--bottom line is that if that plume IS from an explosion in WTC6, it happened timed with the "collapse" of tower 2, not the plane strike...

  7. brianakira ... totally agree with most of what you say. Except for that you lumped Daryl Bradford Smith in with a bunch of shills :-D. DBS is no shill. He's cranky ... not quite honest when he says that he's "not homophobic", has terrible taste in music (Aretha Franklin?? Pleaase ...) but a shill? Nahh.

    Now Webster Tarpley. Mr Prediction Who Never Actually Predicts Anything That Comes True ... I have very grave suspicions about him. I wouldn't put my faith in him as much as I could throw him.

    I also have a bad feeling about Henry Makow too. I feel he puts too much stock in the Illuminati thing and not so much on the Israeli/Jewish lobby thing.

    Maybe I'm nit picking. Noone is perfect I guess ... but I live in hope that very soon Alex Jones and friends will have their comeuppance and I can gloat and gloat and gloat and gloat :-D

    Anyway just my couple of cents ...

    Happy Christmas all

    hjprice, christchurch, nz
    ps anyone else think the current Google logo looks vaguely Star of David-y ;-D

  8. h ttp://
    you may be onto something there hj

  9. Re: "Daryl Bradford Smith...DBS is no shill. ... a shill? Nahh. "

    Anybody who says that Ernst Z¨ndel and David Duke and Paul Fromm and Michael Collins Piper and F. Edward Griffin and Mark Glenn etc etc etc are all Jews and Zionists and liars and "agents" is either insane, too dumb to breathe, or what he accuses everyone else of. Besides that, he promotes anything anti-Christ: 'Jesus was not real, the NT was written centuries later, only Muslims know Christ' And he promotes all sorts of 19th masonic anti-Christian forgeries as 'secret historical manusrcipts..."

    Give Me A Fucking Break!

    Re: "Webster Tarpley. Mr Prediction Who Never Actually Predicts Anything That Comes True"

    He's a lefty, he idolizes FDR, he's an idiot in many ways, he fears being labeled an anti-semite, he discounts Freemasons. But he does a good job outlining the false flag strategies. And he hammers on the banksters. He just doesn't go past and identify the motives. For him it's all money.

    I was talking about people being sincere, and competent within their field, not about making accurate predictions.

    Re: "I also have a bad feeling about Henry Makow too. I feel he puts too much stock in the Illuminati thing and not so much on the Israeli/Jewish lobby thing."

    - That's what he's interested in. Again: He's not tearing other people down, even when he disagrees with them. And he does a good job cataloguing the societal rot that is PLANNED. And he just has two books and a website. You can take it or leave it. He's not out to make a name or generate controversy or sell his t-shirts and DVDs. And he doesn't cover up for Jews or Israel. He just says he thinks there's more to it. Alex Jones said straight out: "I've done the research...Israel couldn't be involved in 9-11!" and "Arabs run Hollywood" and promotes all that Tsarion, Alan Watt, Maxwell Jordan CRAP.