Thursday, January 21, 2010

All Checks, No Balances

Who's running the show from behind the curtain?

A Supreme Court ruling for the ages that's just another confirmation that we don't have a constitutional republic. The concept of checks and balances is nothing but a relic and a joke.

Now we can add another wrinkle to the corporate mass media manipulations.This year's elections should be interesting and we'll see how far the deep pocket corporations, maybe even foreign ones, will go to promote or destroy a candidate.

I'm looking for 'blowback' on this takeover. Is it possible to get everyone educated to what is happening in this 'money is free speech' scam and reject all big corporate candidates? Of course that would mean turning our back on almost all from both parties. And that would not be a bad thing.

Another way to possibly counter corporate influence would be to boycott any of them that fund campaign ads. But Americans don't tend to come together with boycotts and if war profiteering corporations create ads, well, how do you boycott someone like Boeing or Lockheed Martin.

This ruling is also a states rights issue that supposedly overrides existing state laws in favor of corporations.

Alan Grayson had a few choice words to say about the decision and thinks he may have a way to stop it. We'll be watching his "Save Our Democracy" package, 5 bills introduced in anticipation of the Supreme Court's ruling to prevent a corporate takeover of government in America. 

Reining in the executive and judicial branches is the key point in Ron Paul's State of the Republic Address. Agree with him or not in every area, he talks about issues that should be at the forefront of debate.

Video:  Part 1 ~~~ Part 2 ~~~ Part 3
 Key points .....
What is it that we must do? We must immediately embark on:

• Balance the budget by reducing spending
• Change our foreign policy to that of non-intervention
• A full audit and more supervision of the Federal Reserve leading to abolishing the Federal Reserve
• Legalize competition to the Federal Reserve with competing currencies
• Regain respect for civil liberties and privacy while reigning in the CIA
• Wean ourselves off the dependence of wealth transfers by government
• Abolish crony capitalism-no subsidies, no bailouts, no regulatory or tax privileges to protect the powerful elite, especially the military industrial complex
• Eliminate the income tax, inheritance tax and taxes on savings and dividends.

None of this can happen without the restoration of Congress to its dominant position of the three Branches of Government as was originally intended by the Constitution. The Executive and Judicial must be reined in, and Congress must assert its prerogatives over all legislation curtailing all unconstitutional agendae through budgetary controls. (more - transcript of the videos)


  1. Yes, freedom of speech. So if a corporation decides to spend 5 million on a candidate's campaign and I can't afford to give anything, doesn't that mean the corporation's free speech is 5 million times louder than mine and more important than mine?

    Corporations need to be stripped of their personhood.

    There's nothing in the Bill of Rights that gives our rights to them, so if they want our rights, that needs to be changed in a Constitutional Convention, not some "OOPS" Supreme Court ruling from the 19th Century.

  2. Regulating Begins Complexity, Fertile Ground For Corruption
    (Apollonian, 22 Jan 10)

    Interesting decision this, regarding political campaign spending, featuring abstruse complexities within convolutions of complications--THAT'S FIRST PROBLEM. And note corruption is borne of this sort of complexity in first place. Red flags pop up within the mind.

    For simplicity is easiest and best--hence it's best to have freedom of speech, period, and let anyone spend all they please. Never-ending problems begin the moment u begin "regulating."

    What good is a law (or complex of laws) few can understand for the complexity of it all?

    Is freedom good thing in first place?--so why not let anyone say whatever?--this is easiest solution for general rule.

    But note then corporations are creatures of law in first place, subject to democratic regulation--but now lawyers have to weigh in.

    So as it all washes out now, I understand actual humans can be "regulated" for their spending--but not corporations?--Makes no sense to me, placing people beneath corporations.

    CONCLUSION: So finally, in general, it's best to let anyone say whatever, letting them spend all they please--this is general freedom, an easy rule, un-complicated and easy to understand. The moment legislation attempts to "regulate" such freedom--THEN THE COMPLICATIONS BEGIN, which are never-ending, corruption potential ever-heightened. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. somewhere it is written that fired bullets and detonated dynamite are expressions of free speech.

  4. Congress of the United States for sale on eBay!

    Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that whoever has the most money has the right to buy the most legislation, we offer this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Wall Street executive, insurance industry CEO, oil company investor, corporate polluter or Washington lobbying firm to truly have it all at a bargain price.

    You are bidding on the Congress of the United States. The winning bidder will tell the Congress how to vote on every issue in Washington affecting your industry or personal income. You will tell them how to vote, and they will vote according to your instructions, once they receive the money of the winning bidder.

    It's already been removed. Wonder why?