Saturday, January 23, 2010

Celebrities Plead for Haiti but Not for Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza

Hollywood celebs and mainstream musical artists put on a show for Haitian relief last night. You couldn't miss it if you turned on the TV, it was on all the major channels. Reports are that over $1 billion so far has been given worldwide for Haiti. That's well and good if the money is not siphoned off down a rabbit hole of corruption.

But where are the benefit concerts for the man made US disasters of war?

Conspicuously absent ...

Who Hates Haiti? The Iraqis Ought To.
In the 7th year of the illegal and unconstitutional war against Iraq, an earthquake struck Haiti. With thousands dead, with whole towns leveled, the United States acted. It sent millions of dollars in aid; it sent thousands of relief workers; it sent ships; it sent soldiers. It permitted hundreds of thousands of Haitians illegally in the U.S. to remain indefinitely. American grocery stores and pizza parlors set out canisters to collect money for Haitian relief. The plight of Hispaniola's benighted western half was the talk of gym rats. It was on the front pages of daily newspapers.

It was a natural disaster.

Iraq is a man-made disaster.

It has been ignored by the man in Congress and the man in the street. It has been disregarded by the media and by the church.

Why? There are millions dead, murdered with malice aforethought by American soldiers and mercenaries. There are millions of refugees, living hand to mouth in poor Middle-Eastern countries. There are thousands given asylum in the United States and Europe. The country itself is in ruins, bombed and shelled with poisonous uranium, with little electricity, with little potable water, and with barely-functioning sewage treatment.

It's policy. Iraqis are Sand Niggers. Worse, most are Muslim. And Israel sees them as a threat.

And what Israel sees, America believes. {more - Michael Springmann}

I did like Sting's 'Driven to Tears' last night, great lead guitar tone and horns. Too bad he and the others such as Jack Nicholson and Julie Roberts won't take a stand against war and its victims as they have for Haiti.

Neil Young is one of the few 'stars' to actively speak out against war. He looking old but that's to be expected.


  1. But it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.... And perpetuates the myth that the USA is the good guy in the white hat, riding to the rescue of the poor and downtrodden.

    Meanwhile, we've got 20,000 troops there with more probably to arrive.

    An earthquake coup d'état.

  2. Guess I'm being cynical, but I wonder how many of the Hollywood elite will go to their tax accountants and say, "Since I get paid 100,000 dollars an hour when making a movie, my two hours spent on that charity should be deducted from the money I owe to the IRS."

    Nahh, they wouldn't do that, would they?

  3. Neil Young speak out against the war? He's just like the others. These people are tricksters. Making it seem like someone cares when it's all deliberate and hand shake deals. They killed off any true artists from the sixties on... No one with a huge following is allowed to speak out against the war. If they do, it's because they are linked to something else. Neil Young's website is called "living with war" like we should accept it. I used to be a fan, but I learnt the truth. Check out HAARPs.

  4. I wouldn't worry about being 'too cynical', Greg, because 9 times out of 10 you will be spot on the money.

    The more the US paints themselves as the good guys, the more you know they are doing harm there; the more they need to cover up; like a military invasion. Another good example of that is the israeli medical teams there. They are not there just for the good PR to cover Gaza; It's also to cover what they are up to on the spot. It's what they do.

  5. I'm sure you're right anon. I haven't kept up with Young for the last twenty years or more. I also see your point about his site name, hadn't thought of it that way. And yes, I did notice that most were, for lack of a better term, NWO 'artists,' especially the top whores Bono and Madonna.

    Greg, there were a lot of tax deductions at the show and I'm sure they won't let these slide.

    All I can say is boycott 'em all. Except for Young and Nicholson a long time ago, I don't think I've ever spent a dime on any of the rest of them who were there last night.

  6. Washed up Michelob tour has beens should keep their political views to themselves and write some music that isn't like fingernails running across a chalkboard. Give up on it Bono Boner you won't save the world and your band has been irrelevant for over a decade. Sally Suckemsilly in her sequin has some talent with her mouth I guess. Lipsynching?

  7. Kenny...

    In 2002, in her first tour in USA, Shakira:

  8. Woohoo Shakira I love you.
    Music smashes rock, paper, scissors.
    Shakira wins.
    I need a mop where did all these tears on the floor come from woohoo