Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fearing the Reaper?

The US budget financed by counterfeit money can never be repaid. Payback through forced taxation of generation after generation with a military/war economy for maximum profit of a few has always been part of the plan but the plan is flawed and it will not work.

When 'reporting' the Obama administration proposed new fiscal year budget, much of the media focuses on the latest and greatest spending and freezes and cuts. The AP ... Washington Post ... Bloomberg ...NY Times fail to go into the cost of war and the maintenance of the American empire.

AFP gives us a part of the story...
The Obama administration plans to unveil a defense budget on Monday that pours billions into drones, helicopters and special forces, reflecting a focus on fighting Islamist extremists rather than conventional armies.

The proposed 2011 defense budget comes to more than 700 billion dollars, a modest two percent increase, and unlike last year avoids sweeping cuts to major weapons programs, according to Pentagon officials and draft documents.

Despite alarm over the US government's ballooning deficit, Obama has spared the military from belt-tightening efforts and will ask for 33 billion dollars for the current fiscal year to pay for a surge of 30,000 reinforcements in Afghanistan, said officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have already cost one trillion dollars since 2001, and the new budget calls for roughly 159 billion dollars to cover the costs of the US missions there -- including about 11.6 billion to expand the Afghan security forces, officials said.

The budget asks for 9.6 billion for a range of helicopters -- a lifeline for troops fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan's rugged landscape -- and 2.7 billion for unmanned drones and sensors used to hunt down insurgents.

The Pentagon sets a goal of nearly doubling the fleet of MQ-9 Reapers, unmanned planes that can carry precision-guided bombs, a coveted weapon that has transformed US tactics. {more}
Our future is being spent on fraud ... and death ...

We are allowing it to happen.


  1. haha, it all seems to come down to Reaper in the end:

    That is a scary thought right there.


  2. A wheelbarrow of kindling err currency for a loaf of bread.

  3. Soon to be flying over guerilla gardens near you.

  4. When the US defaults on all debts will those countries we owe money too just write them off? (rhetorical)