Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Intensifying "Service Nation"

There seems to be a convergence of several aspects in the agenda of 'service nation.'
There's the Haiti message of “just send your cash” or adopt kids or entertain the idea of allowing illegals to stay in the US and maybe bring refugees in.

The MLK Day of Service

The Rockefeller Foundation announcement of grants to cities for some beginnings of a bureaucracy of 'service.'

There's Service Nation and their endorsers, Serve.gov, Cities of Service and their like. Government and 'NGO' agencies ready to teach you the best way to volunteer and give.

A 'service law,' The Serve America Act has been passed and is in the early stages of implementation. Mandatory volunteerism is one of the long term goals. Kids make good workers and spies if they're not needed as soldiers.

Volunteering and helping your neighbors is a basic human virtue. There are local networks and individuals who do tremendous work in service of their fellow man. If it wasn't for the theft of our labor and wages by government extortion called taxes we could do much more.

As with everything else in the agenda of globalized slavery, service must be centralized. The problems are too great for the locals to handle. We have to create a federal bureaucracy to coordinate 'service' and make it more efficient. It will be a for profit effort for a few. The rest of us get brownshirts.

The policy of service through funding as defined in general terms by the Rockefeller initiatives ...
Through grantmaking, the Rockefeller Foundation works to spread the benefits of globalization to more people in more places around the world. The Foundation is a proactive grantmaker. We seek out opportunities to fund work that addresses the Foundation’s areas of focus and contributes to one or more of our initiatives, rather than simply reacting to unsolicited proposals. Only proposals that fall within the Foundation’s initiatives are considered. {source}


  1. Quite the philanthropist, this Rockefeller. ;-)

    A whopping $2Mill...
    I've seen a baseball card sell on ebay for about 1.2Mill... that's enough for someone like Rockefeller to buy 1 & 1/2 'good' baseball cards.

    Not only does he get to direct national policy for you Americans... But I presume it's tax deductible too.

    Free labour by 'volunteers'... that used to be called "scab labour", Painting buildings, cleaning streets, tending to parks... someone's going to be out of a job.

    Rockefeller funds 350.org pushing for a global carbon tax, so WE can pay for all the money we've made out of pollution, while he gets more tax deductions and wars are waged to "Defend American [HIS OIL] Interests"

    Amazing... As you say Ken "theft of our labor and wages by government extortion called taxes", and then misdirecting those taxes which supposedly should be spent on the betterment of your life.. but instead they spend the money taken from poor people of you nation to kill poor people from other nations and then borrowing more in your name to give 'social welfare' to the bankers.

    I get uneasy when I read some 'nationalist' calls to reject certain races from immigration... but if it wasn't for policies advanced, foreign and domestic, by people with 'ethics' like those of Rockefeller, many of these countries would be going to total shit and when a crisis arises, those people might have the funds to take care of it themselves, and certainly wouldn't seek to leave their homes and families just so they can feed themselves in a foreign land.

    Halting immigration may seem a reasonable reaction, but often fails to recognise what drove these people to where they are today.
    In the case of Aghanis, that now seek to immigrate here to Australia; perhaps if 'we' of the Axis of the Willing, hadn't installed an ex oil employee as Prime Minister, with a brother being the main Opium lord, then they wouldn't feel so compelled to leave. Or because 'we' funded the Taliban earlier.
    If the Pakis weren't being hit by drones...
    If Haiti wasn't forced to drop rice embargoes, they might have a few bucks to spare.

    We'll just keep going along that path if we listen to people like Rockefeller and aspire to fix it all up with our free labour instead.

    The root of all our problems is the rich unethical prick at the top; not the poor bastard next to us. He's just a symptom.

  2. Thanks Ken,
    I've been enjoying your blogs for a little while now, my 1st comment here.

    I'd heard of those 'brown shirts' before, as you called them; but I didn't imagine that son of a terrorist Rham Emanuel could pull off the aspiration I heard him voice. But this method of 'volunteers' would seem a lot more palatable to the masses, it's the 1st I've heard of it.... a worry.