Sunday, January 17, 2010

Israel, Haiti and Gaza

Israel airdrops 'aid' to Gaza

The media is giving Israel positive reviews on their humanitarian aid to Haiti but is silent about their continued blockade of aid to Gaza.

Leave it to Haaretz to even mention the disconnect.
Israel's aid to Haiti won't save Gaza 

The Israeli newspaper reader knows about the baby pulled from the wreckage in Port-au-Prince. Few have heard about the infants who sleep in the ruins of their families' homes in Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces prohibition of reporters entering the Gaza Strip is an excellent excuse for burying our heads in the sand of Tel Aviv's beaches; on a good day, the sobering reports compiled by human rights organizations such as B'Tselem, Gisha - Legal Center for Freedom of Movement, and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel on the situation in Gaza are pushed to the newspapers' back pages. To get an idea of what life is like in the world's largest prison, one must forgo "Big Brother" and switch to one of the foreign networks. 

The disaster in Haiti is a natural one; the one in Gaza is the unproud handiwork of man. Our handiwork. The IDF does not send cargo planes stuffed with medicines and medical equipment to Gaza. The missiles that Israel Air Force combat aircraft fired there a year ago hit nearly 60,000 homes and factories, turning 3,500 of them into rubble. Since then, 10,000 people have been living without running water, 40,000 without electricity. Ninety-seven percent of Gaza's factories are idle due to Israeli government restrictions on the import of raw materials for industry. Soon it will be one year since the international community pledged, at the emergency conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, to donate $4.5 billion for Gaza's reconstruction. Israel's ban on bringing in building materials is causing that money to lose its value.{more}
The alternative media does have a few folks with something to say about the hypocrisy.
Where is the media, the donations, the outrage & support for the people if Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq? Why are we giving the US & Israel applause for helping in Haiti while they are continuing to destroy, occupy and murder millions half a world away? Why are we applauding George W. Bush and putting his name on a donation fund to help Haiti when he should be arrested for war crimes related to torture, invasion of a sovereign nation, use of white phosphorous & targeting civilians in two occupied lands? {more - Political Theatrics}
Two weeks ago, almost 2,000 internationals came to Egypt and Gaza in a massive show of civil society support for the people of Gaza.  1,362 persons representing 44 countries in the Gaza Freedom March and over 500 persons with the Viva Palestina Convoy let the people of Gaza know of their concern for the tragic consequences of the actions of their governments in support of the Israeli and Egyptian blockade.
Yet, two weeks later, with the apparent approval of governments (United States, European Community and Canada) who support the quarantine, blockade and siege of Gaza, Israel and Egypt have tightened the squeeze to wring the lifeblood out of the people of Gaza. {more - Ann Wright}
The US and Israel start wars based on lies, kill and displace millions while stealing resources and profiteering but give us a 'natural' disaster and we'll show the world the great humanitarians we are.


  1. Meines Wissens hat Haiti noch nie Raketen nach Israel gefeuert, hasst keine Juden und seine Verfassung (falls es eine solche gibt) fordert nicht die Zerstörung Israels und des jüdischen Volkes.

  2. Wenn wir schon dabei sind: Hunderte kranke Gaza-Palästinenser werden in israelischen Spitälern gepflegt, operiert und gerettet, ohne dass man ein grosses Trara darüber verursach. Die Not in Gaza lässt sich nicht im geringsten mit der Not auf Haiti vergleichen. Die Not in Gaza in völlig selbstverursacht, ganz im Gegensatz zur Not in Haiti.

  3. 8000 missiles is not opening a war based on lie, do your self a favor - do not be an ignorant.

    A: The fact that Israel is finally doing some thing good and you stand up against Israel only shows that you are motivated by hate to Israel and not by compassion to the Palestinians. Hamas have Millions of dollars inside Gaza, Money that was suppose to go to the people that their life started to fall the day Hamas Terrorists went in power. A constant supply of building materials are getting inside every day, so please know your facts and not what B'etzelem and World media is telling you.

    Palestinians children are being taken care of every day inside Israel, get free medical services on the account of the Israeli Tax payers.

    I want to see you as American, see that your money goes to the benefit of people that hates you and wants your extermination!!!

    B: If Israel is so bad and a country of thieves, please tell me, What Enlightened Iran Is doing in Haiti? What is the peace loving Hissballa Is doing, except selling drugs to all the world??
    Please, I kindly ask you, do not talk about lies or what is truth or not, read the history.
    for Israelis peace is a way to have some quiet in our life's, for the Hamas is the first step to kill us all and drop us to the sea.

    It is the easiest thing, to blame Israel and the Jews in all of the world sickness, always was like that, but unfortunately the world is in a crapy situation wit or with out us…
    We, Here in Israel, are waiting for you all to wake up, Let's hope it will not be to late.

    If you want to know so badly, Ask the Israeli hospitals how much Palestinians were given medical treatment, because Hamas made the Shiba hospital in Gaza their hiding place…

  4. And the Jewish Internet Defense Forces strike again.

    Yes, we should all be grateful that Apartheid Israel is using US money to prop up its sadistic regime of terror, lies, theft and murder.

    Say, gonna harvest any Haitian organs while in that stricken country or do you get enough livers and kidneys from the Palestinians you capture and cut up?

  5. 1st there was a field hospital outside of gaza. Hamas didnt let any one come near it!

    2nd there is one jewish state and one fieldhospital in Haiti . there are quite afew muslim countries around and let see ZERO muslim field hospitals!!!

  6. Following the disaster in Haiti, China, the US, Canada, Britain, Spain, Iceland, Portugal, Russia, Taiwan, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, France, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and of course Israel all have medical or rescue personnel on the ground there, or on the way. IDF medical teams who will set up a field hospital are already in the air.

    The nations listed above and many others as well as international organizations, India, Australia, Norway, Italy, the EU, the Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, and South Korea have all pledged tens of millions of dollars and Euros (the US is tied for the biggest pledge with the World Bank at $100 million each).

    But what’s missing? How about the countries swimming in our petrodollars, Saudi Arabia, Iran? The UAE has promised fifty tons of supplies. Nothing so far from any other Arab or Muslim nations. Where is that great humanitarian Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was so concerned about the ‘disaster’ in Gaza, now that a real disaster has occurred? Oh, he’s sent Turkey’s ‘condolences’! Does he remember that after a deadly earthquake in 1999, Israel sent its rescue and medical teams to Turkey as well?

    It is ironic that Israel, almost universally vilified on ‘humanitarian’ grounds, and despite its small size and lack of resources, is in fact always among the first to help in natural disasters worldwide!

  7. When you have a similar post about how Egypt is building a wall between Sinai and Gaza and how Egypt blocks goods traveling into Gaza I'll believe that you're sincere. Otherwise, the double standard makes it obvious that you don't like Jews.

    Ma Fish Falastin
    Ummat Isra'il Hiyyah

  8. You guys from Tel Aviv should appreciate criticism of Israel. It's for your own good. You're certainly not very high up on the food chain or you wouldn't be commenting here. You are also being used. Why don't you work for a one state solution, return the land you stole to its owners and have equal rights for all? You might find that would allow your children and grandchildren to live in peace.

    I'll have to concede the point that you have the media in your back pocket. Our local news and then followed by your national news helpmate Diane Sawyer had features on the great work of your doctors in Haiti. Your medical and media expertise is indeed impressive.

  9. It is simply very difficult for me to understand the fact that Israeli's are willing to fly all the way from the middle east to offer help to the Haitian people while they have Gaza with its entire population under siege, lacking food, medicine, and the very fundamentals of life!!! It is amazing how Israeli's conduct themselves...They truly don't give a damn about anybody but themselves...They will do what ever it takes to deceive public opinion...Stop this propaganda it makes me want to throw up!

  10. We should distinguish both cases not because of Israel, but because of the differences between Haiti and the Palestinians.
    Never was Haitian to committ a suicide bombing on a mother and her childrens in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv…. And never a Haitian fired rockets on Ashkelon or Sderot.
    The Israelis take care for the Gazans and hospitalize all Gazans that can’t be treated well in Gaza’s hospitals even today, although Israel has no legal or moral obligation to do so. And guess what? They do it for free!
    Israel didn’t start the war with the Hamas but the Arabs stated it way before even Israel was created.

    I can only assure you that if the Haitians were shooting rockets to Israel than Israel would have been the last country to hand them hers support.

    Not only that the Gazans think that but they acting according to those moral codes and rules.

    Let us hope that Israel will smash the barbaric IslamoFascist Hamas rockets and ProPALganda any time they raise their heads!

  11. Hamas Chartes says it all