Wednesday, January 6, 2010

James Von Brunn has died and the ADL attacks the 2nd amendment

James Von Brunn, the accused Washington DC Holocaust Museum shooter has died in a prison hospital before ever going to trial. I'm sure the government is glad. There were too many questions about the shooting that they would rather not have brought up in a show trial.

It's also convenient for the media. They can now spin this story into the recent 'terrorist' events and reaffirm the 'domestic terrorist' threat.

Right on cue the ADL has a press release ...
In a brief detailing the "serious threat" of armed violence by extremists and extremist groups, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today urged the U.S. Supreme Court to ensure that states retain the right to reasonably regulate the possession of firearms by those who practice and preach racial and ethnic violence

"We have placed the problem of armed extremism squarely before the high court," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "Racist and anti-government extremists often have an obsessive fascination with firearms and have shown a willingness to engage in acts of shocking and often deadly violence. We urge the Supreme Court to ensure that cities and states retain the latitude they need to keep guns out of the hands of extremists, terrorists, and violent bigots."
ADL's "friend of the court" brief in McDonald v. City of Chicago points to the long history of gun violence by anti-government and racist extremists. The brief describes three such examples in detail: the June 2009 shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, by avowed anti-Semite and white supremacist James Von Brunn (an incident which left a security guard dead); the April 2000 shooting spree in Pittsburgh by white supremacist Richard Baumhammers (which left five dead); and the deadly standoffs in Waco, Texas in 1993 and Ruby Ridge, Idaho in 1992.

McDonald v. City of Chicago focuses on whether the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits most regulation of firearms by cities and states.

ADL has long supported the reasonable regulation of firearms, particularly when it comes to the possession of weapons by extremists.

"Extremists and those who commit hate crimes pose a serious threat to the safety of the general public and, more specifically, to the members of the discrete racial, ethnic and religious groups who often become their targets," reads the ADL brief. "Armed extremism leads to violent extremism with profoundly unsettling frequency and profoundly tragic results."

Thought crimes and the disarming of those accused of them legitimized by the high court has long been an ADL objective. In their brief they say 'those who practice and preach racial and ethnic violence' but what they really want is the repression of freedom of speech, especially if that free speech is exposing the crimes of Israel and jewish extremists such as the ADL itself.

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  1. Terrorist Shmerrorist!
    The Masters of Deception ordered Body Scanners MONTHS ago!;

  2. and the deadly standoffs in Waco, Texas in 1993 and Ruby Ridge, Idaho in 1992.

    Those poor bastards at Waco were minding their own business when the feds decided to use lies as a reason for the search warrant and more lies to bring in the US Army by saying the Davidians were making drugs on site.

    Ditto for Randy Weaver, who got entrapped by a federal agent who pestered him into sawing off a shotgun barrel around 1/4" less than legal, then the fucks descended on his Idaho home.

    Bet ADL longs for the old days, when their comrade in arms Joe Stalin could just issue a decree and send Jewish Bolshevik Death Squads to hunt and kill gun owners.
    Now days, they have to be 'polite' and use the courts.

    On a related note, check out this:

    Yesterday afternoon, I caught part of CSpan's "Washington Journal" that had on one of the premier Neocon/Zionist cheerleaders for any and all wars against Muslims, Kenneth Timmerman.

    Kenny Boy was doing his usual schtick about bringing 'freedom' to the ME, especially Iran, blabbing on and on about how he really loves freedom and we should bring it to Iranians.

    Then they opened up the phone lines. Four or maybe five callers rang in and zinged the shit out of Kenny boy. One wondered it he wasn't just hiding behind democracy and trying to get us involved in another ME war.
    Another said that if freedom is so important to Kenny, then why isn't he talking about nations in Africa that would like to be free. Another said why is it OK for the USA to kill thousands in the ME...and why is it OK for Israel to have nukes and on and on

    Couple of times, you could see that plastic smile on Kenny's face turn into a frown when these people were talking. Think I even saw that sleazy SOB squirming around in his custom made $4,000 dollar suit.

    Shit, it was great. Didn't matter if they were calling on the Democratic, Republican or Independent line, they were all after his sorry ass.

    Damn, but that was refreshing.... and comical to see people stand up to that POS and stop his war mongering dead in his tracks.

    But twice when the caller brought up Israel having nukes, CSpan cut the caller off. So go ahead CSpan, keep trying to keep ME truths from people and you'll make them hungrier for that precious commodity.