Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Murderous Zionist Piece of Shit - Calling a Spade a Spade

I saw part of this video on O'Reilly tonight and that talking head slut said the secret service should have arrested the guy who confronted Bush the elder in a Houston restaurant and had a few choice words to say to him. Arrested for what? Free speech? Telling the truth? Murderous zionist piece of shit pretty much sums up the life of this psychopath, just one of many Bush traitors. Crude and rude. You bet. But no words can be too strong when speaking truth to power.

While on the subject of media whores, this rant sums it up for many of us .....

Enough! Time We Call a Spade a Spade

“The Children of bin Laden.” Right.

I’ve simply had it with all the soft-pedaling. In terms of referring to the whores who constitute today’s media, it’s time we said it like it is: Everything we read in the newspapers and periodicals; all that we watch on television; every word we hear over the radio is controlled by the very people who orchestrated 9/11.

Our media are not “mainstream” (that’s far too benign and misleading a term)

They are not “compliant”.
They are not “bought”.
They are not “passive”.
They are not “obsequious.”
They are not “sycophantic.”


We’d better wake up to this glaring, sickening, undeniable FACT. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be getting through to even the hardcore amongst those in the 9/11 truth movement. I’m tired of hearing people, in their ignorance (denial?) continuing to cut these people miles of slack, feeling sorry for these poor folks who still haven’t “got it.”

No matter how slanted the reportage; how skewed the facts; how twisted the logic, that’s all we continue to hear: “These poor idiots just don’t get it.”

Of course they “get it.”

The ‘Powers That Be’ have every one of these foot-licking lackeys by the throat. There have been far too many reports of individuals being told they’d lose their jobs if they pushed the 9/11 issue with their editors, so it’s time we stopped referring to these willing peddlers of disinformation as innocuous thick-skulled dolts. Come on, my kid figured out 9/11 when he was barely fourteen! Given the ocean of facts available online, it’s ludicrous to think these seasoned reporters don’t ‘get it.’

It’s time we woke up. Most of these media foot soldiers and talking heads are accomplices to the greatest crime in human history—a crime perpetrated by (or at the least, in the full knowledge of) their own bosses.

Instead, we come up with syrupy words like “sycophantic” to quietly mitigate our sense of helplessness, assuage our conscience, and turn a blind eye to these peoples’ complicit roles.

Does anyone out there actually believe the average reporter on the beat doesn’t know the truth about 9/11?

Does anyone out there really think the editorial gatekeepers who help purvey this bilge don’t know the TRUTH? Of course they do!

Are they idiots? Of course not.

Are their balls so tightly cinched in the corporate vice they walk around perpetually crossed-eyed? You’re damn right they are -- and there’s bugger-all any of these reporters and editors can do about it — not if they want to keep their jobs.

Consider Newsweek’s latest cover.

Do you really think the reporters who churn out this rot are unaware that the Christmas ‘attack’ played out by that poor Nigerian zombie was a blatant false flag orchestrated by the same people who publish their rags? Heck, half the world now knows the Christmas “attack” was a con job — and these reporters don’t?

So who is it that owns Newsweek? The Washington Post, a group run by Katherine Meyer Graham, the principal stockholder and the board chairman of the Washington Post Co. -- and, like most publishers in this country, a hardcore US-Israeli dual-citizen Zionist. In 1979, she appointed her son Donald Graham (another congenital Zionist who verily worships the ‘holy land’) publisher of the paper. He now also holds the posts of president and CEO of the Washington Post Co. The Washington Post Co. has a number of other media holdings in newspapers, television, and magazines, most notably the nation’s number-two weekly newsmagazine — voila! -- Newsweek.

So there; that’s who owns Newsweek. As well as virtually every other media source around the world.

So who controls this garbage that we’re all spoon-fed on a daily basis via television, radio, and print?

The very same scum who gave us 9/11. Yes, the very people who continue to pour upon us this endless deluge of blood are the ones who control the very media that ‘cover’ their trails.

So let’s stop beating about the bush and call a spade a spade: There’s nothing “sycophantic” about the people who report up to those who broadcast our “news”. They — every one of them — if not traitors themselves, are whores who report to traitors.

“The Children of bin Laden” indeed.
source - redactednews by way of WRH


  1. Don't ignore the fact that analog TV is now history and with digital the risk of subliminal messaging and stroboscopic pineal gland programming is heightened. Welding goggles recommended when watching television.

  2. Those boot licking cunts of the lamestream media are more worthless than a mound of dog turds in the sidewalk. What is all this deference to experts and talking heads in this country. Who made them experts? They are experts because they can read a teleprompter? State run media stenographers does not an expert make.

  3. O'LIElly is a real piece of work. Probably one of the highest paid whores on the planet, selling his well oiled lips to the highest bidder.

  4. Good post, Kenny, and thanks for saying the obvious.
    But there's a solution and an equally obvious one, at that; pull the plug. Turn the damned teevee off and stuff it in the garage or put it on Ebay.
    Or at least disable the reception if the kids want it for games and DVDs (though, I'm sure they would be better off without them, too).

    I often make this challenge to people; park the teevee in the garage and go without watching it completely for a whole month and then sit down and watch it for a night and it will be a revelation. The conditioning will be obvious and so much more than you ever thought. You'll wonder how you ever put up with the bullshit and its takeover of family life (and your thinking).

  5. Great rant, Kenny. I feel the same way. I'd like to lock both O'Reilly and Olberman up in the same jail cell. All these media whores know the real deal, from producers to writers. All whores. The revolution certainly will not be televised!

  6. Had interaction w FBI agent near retirement all scared shitless of the truth coming out and getting fired even if some of the fellow agents got "suicided" or whatever . . . he told me all of them know it was inside job but they all want to retire and the others are in on it or too stupid too have an idea or just into promotion. You are living in the fourth reich - - get ready for much worse this and next year. Only a fool can't see it. Underwear bomber - - no damage to his underwear. Shoe bomber physicist said impossible. We are controlled by psychopaths who are not really human. The humans for the most part are controlled by tv which is mind control. As Jim Morrisson said "the whole shithouse is going down" we are just witnessing the beginning of it. No one needs an 80 million plus house its farcicle but they think they do. Its all a movie, reincarnation is real, and they will reap what they have sown . . . great site Kenny