Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting the new year out with a bang in Afghanistan

You knew it had to happen. Some American had to be the first of the year to die. 4 went down as a group so even as they died in vain, they were not alone.

Troops killed in Afghan explosions

Anyone disagree with this assessment?
Let me state this plainly.

We have been duped by our own oligarchs into taking taxpayer money and simply handing it over to them to fatten their already overflowing portfolios. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan and Yemen are simply an avenue of approach for the very, very wealthy to get their hands on government money to make themselves so wealthy that they are truly above government. They are a power onto themselves.

People need to be in prison. And it needs to happen now. This is treason.

This is perhaps the largest transfer of public wealth into the hands of privateers that the world has ever witnessed. It was based on a series of deliberate and manipulative lies carried forward by the machinery of the GOP for the benefit of their base, the very wealthy. Wars were started on false information and manipulated data to make fat cats even fatter.

As a result, thousands of working class American Service men and women are dead, hundreds of thousands are wounded or half crazy as a result of vicious and extended combat tours numbering four or five tours of brutal combat for unclear reasons. Without doubt we have now created a young and disconnected class of armed forces trained sociopaths who no longer see themselves as completely human and have no reason to "bond" with an American public that never really connected with them in the first place.

Less than 1% of the American population carried the burden, totally, of these brutal wars against largely peasant Muslim populations in order for American robber barons in the arms industries, energy cartels and emerging market manipulation circles to literally steal that money from taxpayer coffers.

Stand by. We may very well see armed revolution here in this country in less than a year.

And we have done this to ourselves.

more - Tom Barnes,USCG (Ret.) at Veterans Today


  1. Stand by. We may very well see armed revolution here in this country in less than a year.

    I'm cocked, locked and ready to rock.

    And then we have the tale of the CIA thugs who were arming a doped up sucide bomber and someone fucked up and blew the place and the CIA ops all to hell.

    Now some poor Afghan hovels will get blowed to shit because some CIA thug accidentally set off the C4 laden vest.

  2. Root Of Cultural Problem Is Jews, Foremost Criminals--But Don't Forget Their Accomplices
    (Apollonian, 4 Jan 10)

    Kenny: I must admit I fail to see particular urgency for this latest entry of urs--so somebody died in Afgan, and Tom Barnes tells us the wars were started based on lies?--well, golly, but didn't Dick Tracy have an expression for discoveries like that?--Noooooooooo....

    Note entire USA is now mere empire of ZOG-Mammon, latest "terror" incident on Christmas day perfect example as to how oligarchs work--hey, and I'm glad to see Cow-pokes of Dallas are back in play-offs once again--isn't life grand?--yipeeeeee.

    But seriously, what does Tom Barnes expect when very USA monetary currency is literally a continuing "criminal enterprise" known as COUNTERFEITING?--see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).

    Thus it's demonstrated once again human HUBRIS--people are sinners--and this activity ALWAYS follows a CYCLIC course/process according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. So things just have to get worse before anything seriously changes for "better," whatever that means. For life sucks, always has and always will, according to Greek Tragedy.

    Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones ( have good ID for who's to blame (CFR-Bilderberg--see and for expo/ref.), I'd say--though they leave out some stuff, under-lying, I submit--even though so many folks don't want to face that age-old Jew problem.

    Just look around comrades: Jews are on top, lording it over us all--there's no doubt--they're the top lawyers, corp. executives, politicians, bureaucrats; they make up huge proportion of billionaires and rich, esp. compared to their percentage of population--there's no doubt. AND THERE ARE NOOOOOOO "POOR" JEWS; don't overlook the collectivist nature of Jew sociology/mentality, etc.

    And that's surely extremely large part of over-all cultural problem--these goyim who will defend the Jews--who are they?--well, they're worshippers of Mammon and false-prosperity, and especially the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who pretend Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist).

    That's why I concentrate simply on that basic Christianity, the celebration of TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy which truth then brings PEACE to the individual--and then MAYBE peace among some nations, if some of those folks are lucky.

    And so I tell people, repeatedly, over and over and over: THERE'S NOTHING NECESSARILY MYSTERIOUS ABOUT DEAR CHRISTIANITY--it's anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, per Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) first, last, and always--never forget that basic thing, that stubborn little fact. Worst thing that ever happened to Christianity is it got so MYSTERIOUS--it's NOT supposed to be, don't forget.

    Think about it: at a certain pt. enough people are going to look at each other (among the survivors) and realize a simple little thing: if we just ELIMINATE Jews, that right there will constitute a huge, gigantic IMPROVEMENT for everyone, everywhere--quite apart fm anything positive we attempt to contrive to accomplishing.

    Meantime, in pondering how exactly to go about eliminating Jews, obvious first necessity is to getting rid of their foremost supporters/sympathizers among goyim--who are they?--and u'll quickly see those traitorous collaborators are queers and bolsheviks, but these are insignificant and really easily dealt with.

    CONCLUSION: Real problem, among goyim, then are those JCs, the REAL STRENGTH of Jews, who help keep Christianity mysterious for people, etc. And easy way of dealing w. these JCs is to emphasize for folks the real Christianity, as I note--it's anti-semitism, never forget. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. I agree. But it even goes further.

    The Oligarchs are playing out the foreign pollicy as described by Zbigniew Brezezinski in "The Grand Chess Game".

    The U.S. is going to try and stop China from getting that Trans Pakistan/Afghanistan Overland Pipeline,a project which will give China an economic corridor that will dwarf the U.S. Oligarchs.

    As the Oligarchs get more desperate to maintain their failing control over everyone and everything.. their tactics will become more deadly. (and costly)

    Here is a good interview from Economist Wm Engdahl that explaines a lot about the current death spiral of the United States.

  4. "thousands of working class American Service men and women are dead"

    A correction: only 120 "service women" have been killed in the combined Iraq and Afghanistan wars. About half of them were suicides, others were non-combat related (incidents), and only a few combat related.

    I point this out because you otherwise give the false impression that somehow "men and women" in the Army share an EQUAL burden of sufference, which is not the case at all. Men shoulders 99% of the burden, and this must always be pointed out. Theres no "enforced equality" of merit to be made when there is none in reality.

  5. These troops on the picture are sleeping in their holes, this can be clearly seen.

  6. Since when are Al Qaeda Shia? like those behind the violence in Yemen are. ie; the Houthis.

    Unless of course Al Qaeda arent really anti-shia, and thus would be alligned with the Houthis and are currently helping them ridicule the Saudis.

    that would then raise the question; was the sectarian violence in iraq anything at all to do with Al Qaeda? like the U.S. claimed and used as justification for staying there?

    a certain 'little country' bordering iraq and afghan are shia, so perhaps the term "proxy war" can be applied here...or, simply, the west saving Saudis failed attempt at bloodying the nose of the Iranians.

    As for Americans being 'for' a war, thats nothing new.

    after all, how many will enlist who claim to be 'for' this war? Im guessing less than 2%.

    the remaining 98% will then whine and bitch twelve months down the line when the wooden boxes start coming back regularly.

    ahh, how this reminds me of 2001 and then again in 2003.

  7. Liber8tor ... I agree, it goes much further. And Engdahl always has food for thought.

    Olp ... I can't speak for Mr. Barnes but I don't think he was implying that there is equality in the burden and dying. Women innately know not tho join the military and that they are the peacemakers but they've been duped.

    A ... what is this promoting AJ? A new task for you? Why don't you take your comments to one of his sites and see how long you last.

    Greg... you're probably on to something there.

    balagan ... I know, that's why I titled the photo 'asleep in afghanistan.'

  8. So I guess Joey Lieberman, the US Senator representing Israel, will now start calling for the US to invade Jordan? But we're already paying off the Jordan king and his cronies, so do we bomb a paid off stooge?
    Nahh, following the Pentagon's logic, since the bomber was reported to be from Jordan, that means we'll bomb some people in Guinea.

    Bomber who killed CIA operatives in Afghanistan was triple agent

    The attack at Forward Operating Base Chapman in Khost province killed seven CIA employees and a Jordanian intelligence officer said to have brought the bomber, a Jordanian doctor, to the spy agency outpost.

  9. Doubt it, Jordans been a British lacky for decades...odds is it'll be used to spin any future attack, regardless of location, under the pretense that 'they have a presence everywhere'

    when in reality its just some disgruntled who decided to jump ship instead of rat on his own people.

  10. Alex Jones: Current "Fair-Haired" Boy Of Jew Dissidents To CFR-Bilderberg Conspirators
    (Apollonian, 5 Jan 10)

    Kenny: significance of Alex Jones is he's "officially" designated pt.-man for "rightist" Jews (who back Israel, for example, even though Jones is willing to occasionally criticise Israel, esp. the gov. distinct fm Jew people) now falling-out with erstwhile co-conspirators, CFR-Bilderberg, on the "left." Remember, "There is no honor among thieves," as I've noted for us over and over.

    And note we peons, gentiles, don't have the slightest ghost of a chance to overthrow Judeo-conspirators IF they (a) keep USA economy strong (impossible now), and (b) keep their conspiratorial unity--WE MUST RELY UPON predictable "falling-out" among those topmost criminals--and I'm merely pt.-ing out this extremely significant event which gives us gentiles/Christians our best chances for successful liberation/revolution as we analyze and observe.

    Note Jones doesn't identify CFR-Bilderberg as the Jews they really are, esp. for the topmost leadership behind the Rothschild-Rockefeller bankers.

    Don't forget Zbig Brzezinski, a few months ago, threatening to block Israeli jets fm bombing Iran--it's important to pt. out these divisions among topmost Judeo-conspirators. Jones is extremely significant manifestation.

    For USA is about to take horrific, crushing blow when US Dollar collapses, this engineered by CFR-Bilderberg, very soon now--and it makes Israeli-backers understandably nervous to see their sugar-daddy USA go down tubes. Terror-state of Israel will be extremely reduced for power and influence when Dollar falls.

    Don't doubt when USA Dollar collapses there's going to be serious, genuine STARVATION and civil unrest--lower-level Jews are apprehensive as to obvious implications. Already states are seriously considering 10th amendment prerogatives and "nullification" of un-Constitutional laws--this is huge, tremendous political development.

    People of USA, esp. "Judeo-Christian" hereticalists, heretofore Jews foremost allies, will understandably look askance towards Jews they have subsidized, funded, and followed for advice so extensively. Lower- and mid-level Jews are very nervous.

    If u look at British National Party (BNP), u'll see IT'S FUNDED BY JEWS, obviously, Jews fm "right" (thus Israel-backers), and these creatures are active here in USA too, behind "white nationalism" (WN). These right-wing kikes want to pretend Jews are "white," hoping to foment race-war against blacks who back Obama/Soetoro, for example.

    [-----------see below for part two to above entry---------A.]

  11. [------here's part two to above entry---------A.]

    * * * * *

    Significance of WNs then is they want to under-mine and divert fm Christian unity, Christianity understood as absolutely anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

    So pt. regarding Alex Jones is he's much the de-facto "leader" for ostensive anti-establishment (anti-CFR-Bilderberg, again) forces which "rightist" Jews want to control much as possible--remember Jews did this in Germany too, w. Hitler, don't forget.

    Thus Alex Jones is "leader" of the false-opposition run and controlled by Jews. Jones and Jews now have actually co-opted Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, who is much like Ron Paul for serious political contention w. access to significant funding provided by these Jews.

    Problem w. Jones--like w. Ron Paul--is he only addresses external form and style, not the intrinsic substance which has to do with that Jew problem, extending then to their close accomplices, the JCs.

    Otherwise, Jones is interesting as he seems to be genuinely sincere for his "patriotism"--and he's not stupid either, as I've watched him carefully for dozens and dozens of his videos now cached on's actually quite articulate and coherent for his command of numerous facts and details--he's significant force culturally and politically, and he's GROWING for his influence and respectability.

    It's interesting also sociologically as when Jews finally destroy the gentile economy they suddenly find they have to blame someone--"leftists," now, as CFR-Bilderberg. But Jews don't want to admit they formerly backed these banker Jews to the hilt. And Jews don't want to acknowledge the real meaning and significance of true Christianity which is anti-semitism.

    Further, note Jews generally need and want warfare and turmoil, esp. among gentiles, as btwn "Christian" and Moose-lims, by which to operate and dodge about--BUT they don't want gentiles to fix upon them, Jews, as the catalysts, brokers, and instigators, as they always are--it's very fine line they have to observe.

    So again, Alex Jones is their (Jews') "fair-haired" boy--who has actually succeeded, as u can see, for having successfully co-opted such as Jesse Ventura, former he-man and Navy-SEAL. Ron Paul is too smart to get too tangled w. Jews. Paul is too keen on that essential Jew fraud, COUNTERFEITING, as of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see and for expo/ref.

    CONCLUSION: So I'm not "promoting" Jones at all--I'm simply pt.-ing out his significance and place for all the late-breaking events as we here in USA enter and fall into the great, horrific abyss, economic and political, within the large hist. CYCLE of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, etc. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian