Monday, January 18, 2010

Thoughts for a Monday

The Humanitarian Puppet and Predator Show

Obama's Katrina

General Gambit
The war for the future of the human race is more about truth –vs- lies, than it is about a physical contest between hostile adversaries. The strangest part of it all is that no one is seeking absolute vindication in this war of perceptions as either a liar or a “truth” teller. No one wants to pin down the other side for telling obvious lies. Why is that? Everybody has something to hide in the war on terror.

Dig too deeply, or expose the most dangerous lies strung together to tie-up the world in a state of permanent limited war, and the flimsy alliances and “coalitions of the willing” begin to fall apart. The utter hypocrisy of the entire “war on terror” brings to the front all the worst traits of mankind, in an endeavor that is the most stupendous fraud ever perpetuated upon the human race. {more - Peter Chamberlin}

King Day

Who Killed Martin Luther King

The Fatal Shot Came From a Different Direction

The Real Reason They Killed Martin Luther King

Google's Deep CIA Connections
The western media is currently full of articles on Google's 'threat to quit China' over internet censorship issues, and the company's 'suspicion' that the Chinese government was behind attempts to 'break-in' to several Google email accounts used by 'Chinese dissidents'.

However, the media has almost completely failed to report that Google's surface concern over 'human rights' in China is belied by its their deep involvement with some of the worst human rights abuses on the planet:
Google is, in fact, is a key participant in U.S. military and CIA intelligence operations involving torture; subversion of foreign governments; illegal wars of aggression; and military occupations of countries which have never attacked the U.S. and which have cost hundreds of thousands of lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere.{more - Revelations}

American Terrorists Deployed in Haiti
Blackwater ~ And these thugs are on the government payroll why again? Oh, wait. I know. Our military is stretched tighter than Joan River's face. {more -Facts Not Fairies}

Listening for His Master's Voice
Awakening is not optional. It’s mandatory. Those seeking to awaken are in a far better position than those who are not. It’s a matter of degrees. It’s a matter of what it’s going to take. {more - Les Visible}

Some new 9/11 Pentagon photos?

The psyops of Islamic demonization sometimes works on the locals and they act on it ...
Sign for Islamic Center of Murfreesboro vandalized

Israel sends organ harvesting team to Haiti?
The Empire's officially sanctioned news outlets like CNN and FOX have been giving coverage to Apartheid Israel sending a rescue team to Haiti, heaping praise and adoration upon that nation of war mongers, but NO news about the rescue team from Iceland, which was one of the first to arrive.

Why? Is it because Iceland is thumbing its nose at the international banking cartel and trying to dig its way out from under IMF imposed debt without caving in to that band of pirates?

Gotta teach those 'uppity' Icelanders a hard lesson in economics. {more - Greg Bacon}

Taliban Attacks Afghan Capital

Taliban Put Kabul Under Seige

When did America become a goddamn homeland?
Stupid is what this country has become for damn sure. Big difference between stupid and ignorant. Ignorance can be overcome by learning. Stupid, well, there isn't much hope in hell for stupid. Faux Noise and the "two party" system are for the stupid. {more - Joe Bageant}

Have bombs, must drop 'em ... We'll buy more ...
Saudi Warplanes attack northern Yemen again

We're the US government ... We'll save you ...

Police in Haiti open fire on starving survivors

Thousands more US troops to arrive in Haiti today

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  1. Wonder what Rahm and his network of saboteurs are planning and hatching since the world's eyes are focused on Haiti?

    Never fail to take advantage of a disaster, ain't that right Rahm?