Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"We need to take out the CIA!"

Ron Paul says the obvious much like JFK once did. The big difference is that Dr. Paul can get by with it.

U.S. troops in Haiti to prevent Aristide's return
(WMR) -- President Obama, in keeping with his CIA lineage, has permitted the Pentagon under Robert Gates to take charge of the humanitarian relief efforts in Haiti.

As Cuban and Venezuelan field hospitals were already rendering first aid and trauma care to Haitians injured in the mega-quake, Obama was gathered at a White House photo op with Vice President Joe Biden and other Cabinet officers to state that U.S. military reconnaissance aircraft would fly over Haiti to assess the situation from the air. A U.S. P-3 Orion spy plane from Comalapa air base in El Salvador was dispatched to conduct the surveillance operation, an act that was already being accomplished by earth satellites, the images of which were available on Google Maps.

As Obama was garnering praise from such sycophantic White House outlets as the largely-discredited Washington Post, a 37-person Icelandic search-and-rescue team was pulling trapped earthquake victims from the rubble of collapsed buildings in Port-au-Prince. Iceland, a nation bankrupted by Obama’s banker pals on Wall Street and in the City of London, was able to react in a way that the slumbering and oafish dying super-power, the United States, could not -- with action aimed at providing immediate assistance to the Haitian people. {more}


  1. Maybe OBOMBA will send Predator drones over Haiti so he can jet in some Hellfire missiles to any Haitians caught trying to get some food or water w/o asking 'Massa?'

  2. Check this out...Dr. Paul calls out Bush as a drug dealer :-) I'm curious as to your thoughts on this Kenny, especially in regards to the time frame, and in light of todays events...(ie Michael Ruppert and many others making same claims, etc)


  3. The government/CIA drug smuggling operations have been well known since the Vietnam War and Dr. Paul and most of the rest of Congress have always known it.

    Ron showed a lot of spunk in that 1988 media set up. He still has some of that but I'd like to see him 'lose it' one time and say that 9/11 was a false flag orchestrated by elements of a rouge US government/CIA/Mossad. He knows it but so far that's a line he won't cross.

  4. It's probably naive to think that Dr. Paul could win in 2012, but imagine if nobody of his caliber had appeared on the public stage...

    I like the fact that he's been consistent for a very long time, but I also realize that that doesn't necessarily mean his policies would completely solve the problems America faces...

    I guess I'm just an optimist at heart (regardless of reading your excellent blog daily, as well as many of the linked blogs) :-)in that I hope we can help rouse the majority of sleeping Americans and return this country to a true "Land of the Free"

    I'd love to hear what Dr. Paul knows about UCC laws too...and the change of "The Constitution of the United States" to "The Constitution for the United States..."

    so many mysteries

  5. Optimism is one of the best human traits QB. It always needs to passed along.