Monday, February 1, 2010

'Artist' displays Auschwitz model made from gold teeth of Holocau$t victims

The name 'Rolexgate' for this piece of 'art' depicting the entrance to Auschwitz couldn't be more fitting. The stories of the holocau$t and Auschwitz have put many a Rolex on the wrists of Jewish profiteers in the industry of history/guilt modification and extortion.

more photos at Haaretz

Jewish/Danish/Chilean artist Marco Evaristti is also looking for a pay day. He'll probably want to sell his 'art' to a well heeled collector or holocaust museum and continue the tradition of making money in the 'Shoah business.'

Part of Evaristti's story as in the Copenhagen Post ...
A proportion of the model’s materials come from gold teeth fillings of the camp’s prisoners, which included Evaristti’s own grandmother. It also includes a train car made of diamonds, while a Rolex watch showing the time a five minutes to 12 adorning the model’s entrance.

The exhibit was first displayed in late October at a gallery in Berlin, where it created such a furore that it was removed after just a few hours.

Evaristti said the exhibit wasn’t just a reminder of the death associated with the Holocaust, but also of the looting the Nazis conducted. He said he bought the teeth from an Austrian man a couple of years ago.

‘I had to appear to him to be a Nazi myself,’ said the artist. ‘I disguised myself and cut my hair very short.’

'I’m just glad I was able to buy those gold teeth myself, rather than them ending up in the hands of Nazis.’ {more}

Be sure to see: Danish Hollywood-Holocaust: Macabre Auschwitz exhibition made of Jewish tooth gold
In a TV program January 13  Evaristti explained that he had been invited to do the project by the Mosaisk Trosssamfund, the major Jewish organization in Denmark.

The Auschwitz entrance also contains teeth from Evaristti's grandmother. She survived the extermination camp, so Evaristi has according to himself, not bought, but inherited them. {more}
Hmm, the jewish tradition of extracting the gold from the teeth of their dead family members never occurred to me. I've missed out on saving some 'art' materials in the past. I'll have to remember that for any future pre-funeral arraignments.


  1. How ghoulish... and how is this any better than the heinous (and fictional) soap and lampshades?

  2. Inherited gold teeth from his grandma? Did I read that right?
    Muh money

  3. just one of many holocaust,and the numbers are all bullshit. do your research.tell me white man why is this one so important to you.My people the American Indian was the model for the Jewish holocaust.The final solution was coined by the people that planned the murder of over 120 million native Americans.the smell of death in your own back yard doesn't seem to bother you people.


  4. Self-Interest Is Most Integral To Ethics; Holohoax Is Mere Jew Lies
    (Apollonian, 2 Feb 10)

    Hey "Free": fact is u Indians murdered and genocided ur fellow Indians prior to the white man coming and doing it--but u don't want to talk about that do u? And when the white people set out to slaughter Indians, THEY ALWAYS HAD NUMEROUS ALLIES fm among the Indian people themselves to help it being done. Thus Spaniards in New Mexico made treaties w. Commanches against Apaches, etc.

    Thus the strong survive and weak fall by wayside, and now Israelis want to do exact same to Palestinian Muslims. So what is the real issue?

    I submit then it's necessarily matter of self-interest, axiomatic for ethics, for which interest then there's none for Christian West letting Israel murder the Palestinians who are connected to fellow Muslims against whom now Jews want the Christian West to go to war--which is actually taking place, this on false pretences, as of 9-11 false-flag attack, perpetrated largely by Israel, "neo-cons," and other Jews.

    But finally, "freeYourMind," perhaps most pertinent, important pt. is that JEWS WERE NOT MASS-exterminated during WWII, though they deserved to be, and Germans actually had to protect Jews fm being killed in retribution by the native Eastern European people who had suffered so grievously fm the Jew-bolsheviks.

    CONCLUSION: And this info about Jew lies regarding holohoax is easily found at,, and Jews are real murderers which now they want to cover by means of holohoax lies. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  5. She survived the extermination camp, so Evaristi has according to himself, not bought, but inherited them

    Was granny still alive when she 'donated' her chompers?

  6. P.S Don't forget to tune in to CSpan today at 2 EST to watch the US House devote time and energy to honor this great fable.

  7. no new nazi films (please)February 2, 2010 at 12:40 PM

    Hollywood (run by the Arabs) has run out of ideas. It seems remakes and holohoax films is all we get.

  8. My Grandmother gave me her gold teeth, and I used them to adorn a pot to piss in, because that's all any of my "folks" have been able to salvage after their time on earth was taken to pay for something we didn't even do.

  9. how annoying this is, worship of gold teeth. diamond train-car, rolexgate - how perverted holloywood has gone in it's shallow junk production-
    but hasn't Mr.Perez caught himself some peace nobel price, and has been telling similar tales to the moronic parliament in the german colony, while presiding over the 40 years enforced Gulag system for the Palestinian people?
    said with regret

  10. I think it's beautiful and poignant.

    I evokes feelings of disgust and horror at what happened and really makes you think about those who suffered. I don't understand the hatred for it. It's not like it was made as a celebration of Auschwitz. Rather it's the complete opposite.

    It should go in a museum.

  11. no disrespect, but seriously, you believe in that fable, i have research that topic for over 40 years and i challenge all to the truth,the problem is that you are religious and at this point in your life having an open mind is beyond your scope of thing. You know of course that the money master perpetuate this myth. And guess why. Peace

  12. I'm wondering why all of a sudden this old post is getting a lot of traffic. Most from searches in the UK and Europe. ???

  13. Because it Featured on a TV programme , it went for a Kind of Auction.(Programme on Channel 4 Called 'Four Rooms')
    The seller wanted £222,000 for it - It Did not sell.
    Totally agree with FREEYOURMIND , APOLLONIAN is Deluded beyond belief - Extremely uneducated and brain washed.
    Go read a book Big Boy!

    1. Thanks for the info on the why. I'm glad it didn't sell.

  14. There's no business like Shoah business.

  15. It's almost as if this piece is saying 'The Nazi's like to take all the credit for Auschwitz but the fact is, the place would've been nothing without the Jews.