Thursday, February 18, 2010

'Domestic Terrorist' Attack in Austin?

Plane crashes into Austin office building.

Crash + Fire =
thermal expansion/contraction =
imminent collapse. NIST statement

Pilot set his own house on fire, got in his plane and intentionally crashed into the building. NTSB via Fox News, 11:15 am CST

IRS payback by suicide?

The media and homeland security are going to have a field day with this.


Pilot was Joe Stack.

Unconfirmed writings (media calls it a 'manifesto') of Mr. Stack.
"Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well."
Now confirmed?

Stack's site taken down by FBI.

CNN 12:40 p.m.: Federal officials said two F-16 fighter jets were launched as a precaution after the crash.

Photo Gallery from Austin Statesman.

I don't have a link but a supposed eyewitness who is a pilot said to Neil Cavuto on Fox, "The plane vaporized."

Now where have we heard that before?

Bloggers weigh in:
Meet Joe Stack, kamikaze pilot?
"A Steely Dan kinda domestic terrorist?"
Billy Eli Band Joe Stack – Bass, Vocals

Summer of Rage

Don't Run for the Hills Yet "Truthers" ... It looks like He Was Mad at the IRS

Infowars - Austin Plan Crash Labled "Right-Wing Domestic Terror Attack" By Obama Supporters
Larken Rose: Rest in Peace, Mr. Stack

Blame the patriot movement; connect all anti-criminal government folks with the dive bomber ...
Time Magazine Connects Austin Plane Crash To Tea Party Movement
I am struck by how his {Joe Stack} alienation is similar to that we're hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement. (plus throw in something about McVeigh) 
Time will tell, but I am betting from what we already know that the teabagger mentality is at work in this case.
U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin, said that one of his first thoughts about the apparently intentional plane crash earlier today in Austin was being "concerned that this is where fanaticism can lead."
"Like the larger-scale tragedy in Oklahoma City, this was a cowardly act of domestic terrorism," he said through his office. "Stack's [the pilot] apparent website message reflects the steadily increasing flow of 'the government is out to get me' paranoia. That so many have already contributed to a Facebook page as 'fans' of this terrorist attack on public servants is a truly appalling expression of extremism, which Americans will overwhelmingly reject." {source}
"It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion." Paul Joseph Goebbels


  1. The serenity of the ignorant has been disturbed. Can anyone factually dispute what Joe Stack wrote in his epitaph?

    There's a man with a gun over there, tellin' me I got to beware.

    He is not my friend. And 58,000+ dead Americans in Vietnam are still walking in the ether saying the same thing.

    After living through this hell you call America, dying is okay.

  2. That was one helluva fire started by a small, single-engine Cessna.

    Did he load it up with filled gasoline cans before taking off, because this retired firefighter don't see a small plane starting a fire that big.

  3. looks like they shut down Wordpress. My site is out as well as the whole server system. I hope they aren't scrubing up dissent sites already.

  4. willy, with all of wordpress down we'll hope it's just a technical problem. You never know, it could be a test on selectively taking down a system.

    greg, a false flag? not again ...

    Eagle, thanks for the link.

  5. I thought Stack's suicide note was chillingly lucid. TPTB are trying to discredit it, but if people read it for themselves they will probably relate at least a bit.

    A new Rasmussen poll says that 21% don't think the government has the consent of the governed. 71% see government as a special interest group. Trying to minimize the frustration and desperation ordinary people are feeling - that along with the evidence that we no longer live under the rule of law, at least not for the elites - well, Washington must be scared that this a sign of things to come. Lucky for them, they've got the whole homeland security, police state lock down to roll out.

  6. Meet Joe Stack, "A Steely Dan kinda domestic terrorist?"

    Meet Joe Stack's Amped Out band

    Stack was a software contractor for CIA and Pentagon, including REMOTE CONTROL PROGRAMMING.

    ------------------------------- Company Profile

    Embedded Art is a small independent software house, specializing in process control and automation. In its current form it represents the culmination of 20 years of experience in the software development consulting business. Founded by Joe Stack in 1983 (under the name of Prowess Engineering) in Southern California, the company thrived for 15 years until shifting focus to the Sacramento area to take advantage of growth in the Silicon Valley.

    Now, 5 years later, the expertise of Embedded Art has landed in the Austin Area expecting to lend a hand to the growing high technology industry in South-Central Texas.

    The concept behind the success of Embedded Art is that we provide the experience and muscle for addressing complex software engineering development tasks. Much of today's programming is a step-wise refinement of previous development projects. With 20 years of experience, we provide the expertise that can effectively navigate around many of the pitfalls that snare the unseasoned engineer (indeed, we've seen many of the same mistakes made again and again by the inexperienced).

    Interstate Electronics Corporation

    Project: IEC 9002 GPS-based Flight Management System
    Define and analyze requirements
    Implement a flash file system for pilot-defined route storage management (based on the Linear File Storage standard for PCMCIA flash memory)

    Project: The IEC 9002 Navigation Database Update Processor, a Windows-based, off-line data reduction tool
    Complete and supervise upgrades and modifications
    Supervise release cycle and CMS process for product release

    Project: IEC 9002 MCDU, an ARINC-739 compatible Multi-purpose Control and Display Unit
    Design and implement a Windows NT-hosted development environment for the embedded target's RTOS and operational firmware
    Implement the production unit's Built-in-Test Manager and Bootstrap Program Loader (which allows the flash-based firmware to be updated)

    Project: GPS Satellite Simulator (Military & Commercial unit)
    Design and implement firmware/software for process control

    Project: IEC Military Plasma Display, an 80186/82720-based "intelligent" terminal boasting multi-mode text graphics display, ANSI Standard compatibility, multiple virtual screens, and downloadable display generation capability
    Design and implement firmware to manage the display, keyboard, and communications hardware


    rank Corder allegedly did a kamikaze suicide attack in a small plane, hitting the White House on Sept 11, 1994, actually hitting the windows of Bill Clinton's bedroom.

    Vietnam War: Beechcraft Bonanza QU-22B Remote Control Drone

    OPERATION NORTHWOODS - the signed confession by US Govt for perping remote-control fake airline hijackings and bombings in USA then blame patsies

  7. TSA is going to go apeshit... into a "full-lockdown underwear bomber mode".

    If I may offer a humble observation in my usual sarcastic off-the-wall manner....

    How come the building is still standing? I thought plane fuel melted steel and made buildings fall into a perfect footprint?

    Overkill I know... I just couldn't resist..

  8. Joy to the world.
    No need for canadians to attack.
    USA in meltdown,,,
    Joy to the world.

  9. Lady Liberty spotted cracking a smile.
    Joy to the world.

  10. Mr. Joe Stack was not a Middle Easterner or an Islamic Terrorist or a Nigerian pasty. He had no Al-Qaeda affiliations. Thus, has the United States Government created an atmosphere of social, political and economic tension that we will start seeing more Joe Stacks lining up to become symbolic martyr. Perhaps they intentionally use agent provocateurs to further strengthen Enemy Combatant Laws and expand so-called domestic terrorist laws; while the people are excited, emotional and become distracted by various decoys. They use these types incidents to further erode the freedoms and civil liberties of the American people. The ignorant is led to believe that he is part of the government and he/she will even applaud the government's potential reactionary measures in events like this one; thinking they share common interest. While one of the diabolic plan of the government is to further render the United States Constitution to a worthless piece of paper in the name of national security. Yes, we must wake up from our slumber and reject the new terms of servitude. There is a price that one pays for thinking outside the box.

    Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
    Fahim A. Knight-EL

  11. Democraps are down in the dumps Kamikaze Joe was not a teabagger. OCP news analyst Homer Simpson recited this off his teleprompter..."DOH!"

  12. All of 911, Oklahoma (where a US Airforce General proved the bombs were in the building and blew out and the van could never have done that damage), the coming food shortages etc.= MARTIAL LAW the boys will be coming back from Iraq etc. to kill here. Read some articles of what the Marine Command thinks of civilians here in the USA and you have some idea of what is coming, the military has been out of control since WWII and there will be MARTIAL LAW and prison gulags and millions of US citizen deaths before they are thru . . . the military no longer serves, just like police are no lonnger "Peace Officers" to "Serve and Protect" something called "Officer Safety" is now paramount to a paramilitary Police Force that is little more than a force against US citizen rights, meet in a group and see how fast they show, even though you have a constitutional right to do so, look at YouTube where retired cops tried to get Complaint forms and were beaten and arrested just for asking, it has all been planned long ago, peasant Americans are idiots and have destroyed alot of the world and the chickens are coming home to roost with hi-tech weapons, couldn't happen to a more deserving group of morons, and I served - - in the Army at 18 Honorable Discharge etc. but this is more like the old Soviet Union with the East Germany Stasi - - get ready for a bad ride folks in the next five and more years, learn to grow your own food.