Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Miss Me Yet" ..... Sure, We Loved Your Treason and War Crimes

On Interstate 35 in Wyoming, Minn.
sits a revisionist history billboard.

"It was put up by a group of small business owners -- who want to stay anonymous --because they felt Washington wasn't listening," said Mary McNamara, a spokeswoman for the company that owns the billboard. "They felt like it was a good way to get their message out."
Neocons are trying to echo the words of Winston Churchill History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”

They've had a lot of help from their 'friends' in Obama and his gang. These latest front men and women have continued the same policies of debt and death with just a few added wrinkles so making Bush look good to a country of short and confused memory people is not a stretch.

What we really miss are the public trials of Bush and his ilk for treason, war crimes and general crimes against humanity. Obama doesn't want that because he knows that one trial leads to another and sooner or later there would be one for him and he doesn't want to take the fall for his handlers.

History will not be kind to Bush and his father, Clinton and Obama, in spite of the billboards and all the other propaganda techniques.

It's our job to make sure there is no revisionist history for any of the puppet criminals of our time.

It's also our job to save ourselves and our families from the madness of this neocon/neolib/corporate/zionist scheme to control us.

It's one job we can't get laid off from.


  1. Not being the greatest shot , I must admit, I did 'miss ' him.

    The irony is if that we put one on trial we'd have to put them on trial all over the world, which more than anything is just a sad indictment of politicians/frontmen and then the corporates.

    We need to be free so that we can fix what we've ruines - sounds familar


  2. So that I was this morning, sippin mi first cuppa tea watching Presstv and suddenly my eyes were accosted by seeing that hideous sign with that hideous hyena grinning fool and murderer. Seriously, I’m telling presstv there should have been a warning for people.

    On a serious note, I worry greatly for America; Obama has made the grave error of capitulating to his enemies and the neocons. He has gone into “save my arse” mode now and is trying to mimic Bush so as to garner some support from the right or right of centre. Bad and stupid move. He cannot quell them no matter what he does short of wiping Iran, Lebanon and Syria off the map and handing over the whole of Palestine to Israel. Additionally by dong what he has done he will loose his base of support who voted for him because they wanted “change.” He would have been far better off to get into office, do the deed force Israel to make peace and sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty, talk to Iran like he promised, and make this world a safer place by doing those things.

    Albeit he may have ended up in the same place he is now, but he’d have kept his promise and after some time people would see that this course of action was right. Instead he stalled and caved to the Zionists, beginning with the Freeman thing and it went downhill from there. He’s now forced to prostitute himself to the Jewish lobby and their block voters and the right of centre crowd if he stands any chance of re-election.

    Tow conclusions: Either he was nothing but an agent talking change, or he sold out, either way he is a disgrace.

  3. the only part of his admin i miss was its blatant cruelty, arrogance, and criminality.

    obama can smooth talk other nations into sorta liking jumurderka.

    better that all see the blood gorging vampire cannibal entity that it is.

  4. 'Bout time to get that "Jeb Bush for President" exploratory committe up and running, cause we just can't get enough of the Bush Mob.