Friday, February 5, 2010

Nashville's Tea Party 'War' Convention Swings Into Action

A tea party conventioneer carries a very large poster of 'war whore' Sarah Palin to remind everyone of their priorities.

Perusing the media reports on the convention finds a lot of talk about freedom, the constitution and out of control federal spending but one is hard pressed to see a word about foreign policy, non-intervention, the fraud of the foreign occupations and the 'war on terror,' abolishing the Federal Reserve or indictments and prosecutions of the criminals who put us in the position to even consider a 'tea party' or grassroots movement.
Most of the 600 registered participants at the National Tea Party Convention had arrived at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center by Thursday.

The Tea Party people were greeted at the door by wave after wave of national and international reporters. There was network and cable news, national magazines, broadcasters and journalists from Europe, Asia and South America, all trying to figure them out. {more}
It's funny that out of the 111 media people to get credentials, Nashville's The Tennessean newspaper, didn't make the cut so they have to report from the lobby.

The convention is a 'for profit' affair whose intent is to 'train' organizers for the upcoming mid term elections and beyond. Unfortunately there's a GOP smell about the whole thing.

'Team Sarah' has a presence here for the keynote speaker.
The organization is described on its Web site as a "diverse coalition of Americans dedicated to advancing the values that Sarah Palin represents in the political process."
What that represents is more war, more pentagon excursions and more CIA crimes.

A tea party movement that is pro war is a failure from the beginning. The American people and their kids who will die in vain should demand better.


  1. What's totally amazing is that these people take no responsibility for 8 years of Mad Dog Bush and all he did.

    The fact that Bush lied us into war, lied about nuclear yellowcake, spied on US citizens and ran the economy into the ground....

    In the Tea Bagger's world.. it's as if none of this happened..

  2. Did Barry Barack close gitmo yet? Is the Patriot Act still in effect?
    Think your ISP has your back when the feds come calling for your surfing habits? Think the phone company has your back on wiretaps? All politicians are whores who will say anything to get elected. Fuck all Republicans and Democrats that two branches of the one war party shit is obsolete.

  3. Essence Of Unity For Patriots Lies In Identifying Clear Enemy
    (Apollonian, 5 Feb 10)

    Kenny: I think main issue for "Tea party" must be budget and spending, along with closely related taxation issue, new taxes going up, up, up everywhere in USA, associated w. basic Constitutional issues--as regarding US President's proposed assassinating US citizens, the onset of "big brother," literally.

    Of course u're right about war too, these wars not fought in proper interest or defense of USA--rather fought for Israel and "world gov." But war then is more related adjunct to spending, taxing, etc., Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace," war the "health of the state."

    Remember most of all, PEOPLE ARE UNITED first and most upon NEGATIVES--upon what they're against. And this great enemy then is easy to identify if only minimal effort is made: these are the COUNTERFEITERS who totally control the conspiracy attempting to totally take over USA.

    And COUNTERFEITING then is a very CONCRETE word and idea--EVEN CHILDREN understand. For there's no possible question such counterfeit activity is criminality, hence conspiracy, ipso facto.

    So u see, it's not even political or economic for the critical task-at-hand so much as it's PSYCHOLOGIC--focusing on the right rhetorical terminology and idea(s) for the people to grasp, discuss, and share.

    That's why economics is called "dismal" science--it's sooooooooooo abstract, thus hard to really grasp for people, so easily confused and muddled by "Jews-media."

    The horror is this: the COUNTERFEIT criminals will jury-rig things economic, as they've done so far, until finally the inevitable social collapse will be horrendous and absolutely catastrophic, all at once, so that people will be immediately faced with such as NO ELECTRICITY, or even water, or gasoline--not to mention "high" prices.

    Civil unrest and rioting will then ensue so that drastic measures are absolutely necessary fm whatever government prevails. We see then many people even now are so wise in stock-piling arms, ammo, and food.

    Presently we citizens must absolutely energize and empower STATE GOV., on basic principle of state's rights, for survival purposes against regnant criminal conspirators and COUNTERFEITERS who rule and control the central Federal gov.

    I've been reading lots and lots of Civil War history over last few months--South/"Confederacy" was absolutely right--how could they possibly have lost?--a long story, surely, but immediate observation is those proverbial "chickens" (of US Civil War) only now, after hundred and fifty years are coming home so decisively to "roost."

    CONCLUSION: So again, I urge all patriots to remember the ease (really) in uniting against negative/enemy, easily identified--and these are COUNTERFEITERS again. There's more to it, of course, but those are mere details which will be hashed-out in natural course of things. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  4. It's amazing how quickly the Zionist War Pigs were able to commandeer the Tea Party movement. Guess they felt threatened? Wouldn't want those Trotsky baby butchers to feel left out of all this wonderful "ChangeTM."
    Funny, the word verification is "prespin"

  5. A Pee Party?

    Let me drink a 12 pack and I'll have my admission pee.

    I don't know what is phonier in Nashville, that sorry ass excuse they call 'country' music or these deluded fools.

    Maybe they'll ask Newt Gingrich to run for prez!!

  6. Cleverly Muddled Lies And Disinfo Exposes Motives, Likely Racial Origin
    (Apollonian, 5 Feb 10)

    "Liber8tor": they're NOT "tea-baggers," which is a homosexual terminology. U need to get a major clue, comrade. Who do u think u're kidding?

    Second, u generalize falsely and patronizingly, to say the least, about poor, desperate people attempting to unite in midst of deliberately induced chaos and confusion.

    Third, it wasn't just Bush, which is gross, incompetent simplification on ur part--IT WAS ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT, controlled by Israel, "neo-cons," banks, and COUNTERFEITERS, including the "Jews-media," ALL THE ESTABLISHMENT POLITICIANS, Demo., as well as Repub.

    CONCLUSION: Thus we see u grossly mis-characterize and falsely assess the basic problem(s), and then u falsely accuse the very victims--everything u say is sooooo brilliantly misconstrued--how could it NOT be deliberate? And everyone who reads ur tripe can tell what race and religion u derive from, eh?--it ISN'T Christian which respects TRUTH. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  7. apollonian said... you, my friend, have no room to talk about being patronizing! And the term "honest election" is an oxy-moron and a PC cover-up for mob rule. Preachiness is not attractive, "comrade."

  8. Real "Deluded Fools" Are Those Who Insist There Are "Good" Jews
    (Apollonian, 5 Feb 10)

    Bacon: as usual u demonstrate mostly ur own mis-guided grasp of things, so given to feminine-styled hysteria as u are.

    For most people are struggling to achieve a clear, CONCRETE, picture for what's happening in general culture; they only need strong leadership which generalizes in accurate manner. What throws people are the vague abstractions which clutter the cultural discourse--especially promoted by the mass-corporate "Jews-media."

    And I seriously doubt the followers of Palin and Gingrich are so much "deluded fools"--as they're far more likely to be simply paid poseurs in the way of a modest rent-a-mob, especially beginning at the top.

    The real "deluded fools" are actually the people who follow "Judeo-Christian" (JC-see and for expo/ref.) hereticalism (which holds Christ was Jew, hence Talmudist), for which Palin is notorious representative and "leader," all bought and paid-for by Israel and "neo-cons." And though these JCs are relatively numerous compared to bolshevikis and queers, they're really limited for their actual numbers, truth be told.

    What's the real mystery?--of course Jew powers (Israel and "neo-cons") behind establishment "Republicans" will work, with all their massive funds, to co-opt the real TEA-Party partisans--but are people really, especially fooled all that much?--I doubt it.

    CONCLUSION: Who are the real "deluded fools," Bacon?--I submit it's people like u, who imagine there are "good Jews"--like there are good Talmudists. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  9. Presumptuous Foreigners Now Pretend To Telling Natives Way Things Are
    (Apollonian, 5 Feb 10)

    Comrade "Saladin" seems to be upset.

    But "Saladin," dearest comrade: look here--let me explain how the Western mentality operates, properly understood (which understanding u so typically and pitifully lack). If u want to pretend ur generalization is established or "proven"--as regarding "patronizing"--u have at least to provide at minimum a single instance fm actual, concrete reality, which u don't bother to do, merely presuming, as u do so often.

    And besides, "patronizing" is relatively mild offence, even if it's true--often it's substitute for something more intense (like purest hatred as I have for u)--why bother complaining unless u have something more substantial for a real complaint?

    CONCLUSION: Another thing is u ought to learn exact definitions of words u attempt to using: "honest elections" IS NOT "oxy-moronic"--ck ur dictionary, comrade. Of course we know English isn't ur native language. If u don't like "patronizing," go back to where u came fm; USA is not going to be hospitable place for foreigners much longer, comrade. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  10. Does this blog still belong to Kenny?

  11. Apparently not when I don't moderate comments.

    A, you make some comments that at times make sense but then you fall back into your crude attacks on fellow commenters that serve no purpose except to you and your ego.
    You mimic the divisive techniques of those you say you are against.

    Hatred towards fellow patriots shows a total lack of class. If you can't refrain, why don't you just take it somewhere else. And don't respond to this, you've said enough.

  12. Truth, Honesty Is Precious
    (Apollonian, 5 Feb 10)

    Kenny: same for u as "Saladin"--u need to substantiate ur arguments. I may be "crude" for u, but I rather consider I deliver much-needed truth and honesty. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  13. Wow, that guy sure is full of himself, or is it a her? What was that he/she was saying about patronizing? Maybe they should make use of a dictionary.

  14. I am neither Democorp or Republicorp. There isn't a dime difference between the two parties.I think Obama is a liar.. and he is Bush-Lite. I did not vote for him.

    However..I can't understand the flame attack on me..?

    I was not aware that the term "Tea Bagger" was a homophobic term? I apologize.. I was not aware of that?

    My Point, although made badly, was that the Tea Bag Party is a dupe.. they are being used by the Neocons.

    If you will go back and look into the tea bag party.. you will see that they are a part of Freedom Works and Dick Armey.

    You will also NOTICE that that they are Neo-con duel citizens. Wolfawitz, Pearl, etc.. they carry an Israeal passport . BTW The only country in the world that allows duel citizens.

    So You guys can flame me all you want.. but the truth is... I am not part of the problem.

  15. Liber8tor, only one person was attacking you and he is nothing but a divisive trouble maker who does those things for some unknown reason.He won't be back. He is a part of the problem.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. I don't usually advocate censorship but that person was not making any kind of worthwhile contribution, all I saw was a lot of holier than thou brow beating. Disagree, fine, debate, good, constructive criticism, part of the learning process, but that..... I don't even know what that was! I say "Thank You Kenny." Word verification now, locowd! How appropriate ;-)