Friday, February 26, 2010

New $1 Billion U.S. London Embassy Has A Moat

Hillary Clinton says it won't cost the taxpayers a dime.

This is an artist's rendering of the design for the new U.S. Embassy in London. The $1 billion facility will be built on a former industrial site and is to be completed by 2017.

The U.S. has gone modern and medieval at the same time with its design for a new $1 billion embassy in London. Its new home, which will look like a glass cube sitting on stilts, will include a semicircular moat and bomb-resistant glazing, all in the name of security.

"It meets and exceeds all the security requirements," said U.S. architect James Timberlake, whose Philadelphia-based firm, KieranTimberlake, won the contract to design the building. "We are using elements of landscaping that have been around for centuries and centuries.

"But it's not a fortress," he added. "We are able to use the landscape as a security device. There's no wall and no fences."

There is a lake 100 feet wide and a rolling earth bank that will separate the building from the main road and protect it from would-be bombers. The building will be able to house 1,000 people.

The new embassy is designed to be almost self-sufficient in energy, thanks in part to puffy-looking plastic panels attached to the facade. They will hold photovoltaic cells that can convert sunlight into energy and will also act as sunscreens to prevent overheating. {more}

The five minutes allowed for questioning in congressional committee hearings lets Hillary get off easy as she is asked about the London embassy. No time to talk about that Baghdad embassy.

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  1. u.s. embassies should be built underground in sewers. should be safe. will be protected by rats and stuff.

  2. Nothings too good for our CIA spooks.

  3. Hillary is doing a bang up job of selling war around the globe.

    She was in the mideast, recently, telling China , that if they didn't enforce sanctions against Iran.., Israel would bomb Iran.

    Of course China didn't buy it.. they told Hillary to Fuck Off.

    China gets their oil from Iran, and has a huge amount of construction contracts with Iran.

    If Hillary persists.. we will be in WW III

  4. The Clintons learned their lesson with the ML and impeachment shot across the bow. She will say and do whatever Israel wants. That doesn't mean it's going to work.