Friday, February 19, 2010

Ron Paul in the Lion's Den of the Conservative Political Action Conference

The idea of Ron Paul speaking a the Conservative Political Action conference is an enigma. Go see the list of speakers. They're some of the most despicable corporate banker zionist war whores in America. The whole sordid affair drips with blood money.

But Dr. Paul is allowed to come on in and give his standard message that totally contradicts the neocon agenda. In the context of this conference and the last decade of political power, Paul is not a conservative but a radical. Even more radical than many of the so called progressive left who continue to fraudulently justify foreign intervention and war.

Dr. Paul is the designated dissenter on the right. The message gets attention but always is undermined at the same time in this left/right con game.

Agree or not with everything Paul has to say, the basics of the message are actually what most thinking Americans are concerned with.

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  1. But did you see and hear the crowd's reaction when Paul said to end the Fed?

    The message is getting out, regardless of the vehicle.