Sunday, February 21, 2010

Was Joe Stack the first white suicide bomber?

Photos from Samantha Dawn Bell, Joe Stack's daughter. 

For a long time we have been conditioned by the press to think in terms of Islamic suicide bombers. I'm sure there have been more than a few who chose that route from a desperate personal viewpoint but there have always been the reports and rumors that many of those 'bombers' were mental defectives and patsies used by various intelligence services to further their agenda. Many bombings said to be 'suicides' most likely are planted by someone and called that to reinforce the idea of crazed Muslims.

I've been searching for an example of a white suicide bomber in the U.S. without any success besides Frank Eugene Corder who crashed a plane into the White House lawn and that one is debatable. No black either. Except for the false 9/11 narrative no Muslim in the U.S. has suicided themselves in an attack against the government or institutions. Someone help me out here if they know of any. 

For the last year or so we have continuously been exposed to the hype of the controlled media, government officials and organizations such as the ADL as to the threat of 'domestic terrorists.' Finally and so conveniently we have one. Or do we?

If you're like me, you have had conversions wondering if suicide bombings would ever come to America. Sure, whites, blacks and any other color may take steps to attack the government and its people, get killed doing so or caught beforehand but it doesn't seem to be in our makeup to strap a bomb on or crash an airplane into a building. Most would want to get their 'enemy' and escape with their life.

Yeah, people can get so fed up that they flip out and do things not in their character. If  Stack did this of his own will, I suppose that's what happened but you might think there would be some kind of signs. Ever know anyone who committed suicide? In hindsight there most always are hints or signs even if you missed them while the person was alive.

Every person interviewed, friends and family, say they can't believe it. They never could imagine him doing something like this.

His working life links with defense contractors with connections to 9/11, NSA and Homeland Security arouse suspensions.

Austin news spins the idea that Stack's plane could not have caused as much damage as it did without extra fuel on board. They report that a fuel drum is missing from the Georgetown airport and that seats were taken out from the plane. Depending on the size of the drum and aviation fuel at 6 lbs. per gallon, I'm wondering how Stack could have loaded it.

We'll be lucky to ever know the truth about Joe Stack. One thing is for sure, white Americans now have a bulls eye on their back. The 'predictive behavior analysts' have gotten what they wanted  and will run with the Stack story for all they can bleed from it.


  1. I could be wrong, but I think Lindorff was being sarcastic.

  2. I know willy and probably shouldn't have thrown that in. It was out of context but I thought it may be an example of how some 'officials' may spin it.

    I'll take it out and put it here in case anyone wonders what your comment was about.

    "A well known 'liberal' blogger, Dave Lindorff, cries for a government crackdown on small planes and even cars. Michael Chertoff is probably smiling at that one."

  3. Not a suicide bomber, but one of the first to use a 'vehicle' to disguise a bomb.

    CNN and FOX have dropped the Stack story like it never existed, What's with that? Too many stories about Stack's software company and the spooks it kept as company?

    Tomgram: Mike Davis on the History of the Car Bomb

    On a warm September day in 1920, a few months after the arrest of his comrades Sacco and Vanzetti, a vengeful Italian anarchist named Mario Buda parked his horse-drawn wagon near the corner of Wall and Broad Streets, directly across from J. P. Morgan Company. He nonchalantly climbed down and disappeared, unnoticed, into the lunchtime crowd. A few blocks away, a startled postal worker found strange leaflets warning: "Free the Political Prisoners or it will be Sure Death for All of You!" They were signed: "American Anarchist Fighters." The bells of nearby Trinity Church began to toll at noon. When they stopped, the wagon -- packed with dynamite and iron slugs -- exploded in a fireball of shrapnel.

    "The horse and wagon were blown to bits," writes Paul Avrich, the celebrated historian of American anarchism who uncovered the true story. "Glass showered down from office windows, and awnings twelve stories above the street burst into flames. People fled in terror as a great cloud of dust enveloped the area. In Morgan's offices, Thomas Joyce of the securities department fell dead on his desk amid a rubble of plaster and walls. Outside scores of bodies littered the streets."

    Buda was undoubtedly disappointed when he learned that J.P. Morgan himself was not among the 40 dead and more than 200 wounded -- the great robber baron was away in Scotland at his hunting lodge. Nonetheless, a poor immigrant with some stolen dynamite, a pile of scrap metal, and an old horse had managed to bring unprecedented terror to the inner sanctum of American capitalism.

    Next up on the terror agenda, IED's will start exploding in the USA and be blamed on disgruntled vets.

    Gotta make that DHS report about right-wing crazies come true.

  4. Joe looks like an evul menace to me. Maybe some MK-Ultra style mind control was used.

  5. I read Dave Lindorff's first two paragraphs and wondered WTF myself; took a bit to see where he was taking it.

    Kenny, you're right, the special media experts have spittle running down their chin at the thought of expanding the jack-boot security system.

    Good luck on having the TSA ever commenting on what would have been the remains of fuel drum before the usual year long timeframe it takes them to finish reports.

    Greg Bacon- Good point. Disgruntled? Hell, speaking for myself and the other vets I correspond with -- we're still trying to figure out we went from being patriots and honorable discharges, many with accommodations for valor & missing body parts, to being "terrorist of the homegrown" variety.

    Our politicians make us feel so special, you know.

  6. Lindorff wasn't being sarcastic the only solution is to ban everything. That way we can be safe. Yes our ancestors are spinning in their graves laughing at what pussies we have become.

  7. There had to be more than one person involved.The neighbors witness smoke rising from the
    Stack's house at 9:15am by 9:40am
    they say that his plane was just
    leaving.It's a half hour drive to
    the Georgetown Airport if you're able to get through the early morning Austin rushtime traffice.
    So he got to the airport by 9:45am
    and by the time you check in and the get that think started and taxying down the runway you're talking and additional 15 minutes.
    So his plane should of left at 10am
    and hit the IRS building by 10:12 or 10:15am. The entire timeline just doesn't make sense.Even his
    daughter says the words that were
    written had to of been written by
    another person.Smells like a false
    flag attack to.

  8. At home 'White' [ I assume that means , uhh, Aryan or Nordic] terrorists , abroad Islamic terrorists

    Sheesh , Guess that makes the one we haven't named the good guys

    Chert in Cz means 'little devil'


  9. Joe Stack, Austin 'Suicide' Pilot, Co-owned Hangar With Homeland Security Initiative Program Manager. link: