Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You Supplied Money To Those Who Fought Back In A War I Started So I'm Suing

Beirut 2006

The holocaust reparation money is starting to dry up so some Jewish lawyers try and come up with a new maneuver. Essentially it's suing a central bank for funding conflict and war.

In the often rigged Washington DC judicial system, you never know, this lawsuit could fly as a 'sanction' against Iran. But what a precedent that would be. By the same logic it would open the door for millions of folks to sue for the same thing. The central banks fund both sides in any war. Anyone affected by an armed conflict, even if their country started it, would have a legitimate claim against the origin of the money that funded it.

Iranian Banks Sued by Rocket Victims

For the first time, 85 Israeli citizens who were harmed by rocket attacks during the Second Lebanon War are suing Iranian banks.

The lawsuit, Kaplan v. Central Bank of Iran (CBI), names the Central Bank of Iran, Bank Saderat in Teheran and Bank Saderat PLC in London. Filed at the Federal Court in Washington, D.C., the plaintiffs demand damages of one billion dollars and an unspecified amount for punitive damages.

The plaintiffs include Israelis, Americans and Canadians whose relatives were killed or who themselves were wounded in the war. Their claim is that the above-mentioned banks are controlled by the Iranian government and that they provided Hizbullah terrorists with more than $50 million during the years prior to the war. This, they say, proves obvious intent to aid the terrorist organization in its attacks on American and Israeli targets, as the money was used to plan and execute rocket fire that rained downed on Israeli cities during the war. 

The plaintiffs base their claims on the findings of the American Department of the Treasury. 
dated October 25, 2007, which state that Bank Saderat transferred funds for promoting terror to Hizbullah from the CBI through the PLC Saderat Bank in London during the years 2001-2006.

According to Darshan Leitner, "The Central Bank of Iran and Bank Saderat are the main monetary pipelines leading from Iran to Hizbullah. If not for these money transfers, Hizbullah would not have been able to erect and maintain its infrastructure, train the terrorists in its ranks, or execute the massive rocket attacks on Israel. These banks, whose activity in Europe is completely unrestrained, knowingly and purposefully aided and abetted Hizballah terror. They are responsible for the damage inflicted on citizens in these attacks. This is the first suit aimed at the Iranian banking system and will prove the massive funding Iran gave Hizbullah." {more}


  1. Downright Lawyerly.
    Good one Scrooge and War Crimes inc.
    Provoke a war then sue for it.
    Now do us a favor and go take your cyanide. Nauseating freaks.

  2. Israel created Hamas, historical fact, Sharon did it to split the Government in Palestine and it worked. "Thru Deception We Will Wage War" motto of murderous Mossad. Do it and blame the Arabs. Most "terrorists" were either double agents for Mossad, bankrolled by them etc. What great publicity blowing up a bus of working class people. Thought in a war you went after the leaders. Haven't seen a Rothschild on one of those buses yet, stupid "terrorists" farcicle, intelligence agencies running it all for less than 1% of the human population. And now back to "The King Of Queens" . . . .