Friday, March 12, 2010

9/11 Critical Mass?

Perhaps not but it seems like there's a lot of attention being focused on the issue.

ABC covered the 'Treason in America' conference but focused on the Loose Change boys who are not exactly the most likely to convince main stream Americans.

Jesse Ventura is all over the tube from The View to Larry King promoting his new book and while it's hard to not like what he says, it's still Jesse and he's too often seen as a marginal figure.

The Washington Times did have a fair but very short article that quoted Richard Gage on the demolitions of WTC 1,2 & 7 but I think it was only online and not in the print edition.

Of course there is never an Israeli 9/11connection mentioned in the MSM even as speculation. That's totally off limits since Fox and Carl Cameron ran the Mossad spy ring story in Nov. 2001 and were chastised by their handlers and had to 'pull it.'

Then there's Russia Today. Hardly a day goes by without without a feature on 9/11 from them. But having very limited US over the air broadcasts and cable or satellite outlets, their reach is mostly via youtube videos. Just having the name Russia doesn't encourage many American fence sitters to seek out their news that our bought and fixed MSM won't touch. It has even been thought that RT may play a part in the controlled opposition so even as we cheer on their reporting there's still questions concerning what their ultimate agenda may be.

One thing those tasked with the continuing cover up of 9/11 don't want to see are civilian trials. Those could prove to possibly be too enlightening. Don't expect the bogus 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to ever see the inside of a civilian court.

Today there's the announcement of a 'deal' with ground zero workers in a victim's compensation settlement for their illnesses. Hush money? It's very convenient that most likely there will be no trials.
Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein does his job once again in the cover up.

The Glenn Beck - Debra Medina episode effectively derailed Medina's Texas gubernatorial race. She most likely would not have won in the diebold voting world of Texas and ziocon Rick Perry but it has caused a rift in the constitutional freedom movement that continues to today. Examples can be continuously found at the Daily Paul. Are 'truthers' hurting the cause? Should they shut up and go elsewhere and just let politicians go on with the 'boxcutter' conspiracy theory in the face of overwhelming evidence and don't give the media whores ammunition.? Divide and conquer is a time tested technique.

So where does this lead us? Is 9/11 truth destined to be like the JFK assassination where most everyone knows the official story was a lie but it doesn't matter? Where the government and media win the cover up wars and we're all dead before the truth may finally be known, if ever?

Or is there a plan to slowly allow the truth to become known even to the most 'head in the sand' Americans who are scared of the facts? And to what purpose? The collapse of the US and a solution imposed that may involve something along the lines of a world government to keep this from ever happening again?

9/11 truth is not going away. We'll just have to wait and see how it all falls out but the more we know and see how we are being manipulated, the better our chances are to survive.


  1. no use for a nameMarch 12, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    Das Radio said 95% of those in the ground zero first responders lawsuit must agree on the amount. JFK & 911 Hmmm...what if the same shadowy creeps are behind both? As for Ron Paul they will marginalize him and his followers like they did in '08. It doesn't matter how much what he is saying makes sense or how good his policies would be for the country.

  2. "The collapse of the US and a solution imposed that may involve something along the lines of a world government to keep this from ever happening again?" That has been my theory for several years. Of course it will be critical to keep the Zionist involvement quiet but just think how far it would go to destroy the "republicans" forever and advance the NWO agenda. You just can't trust those "conservatives" to look out for your best interests, 9/11 is what happens when you allow nations to maintain sovereignty dontcha know?

  3. Sorry Saladin,but the Democrats had alot to do with the planning and funding of the 911 attacks. Bill Clinton in 1996 received a demanding propsal by Israel Firsters for such an attack. Look at the picture--no way in 8 months Bush could have authorized and Israel planted that much explosives and had written the Patriot act. the two operatives that made it possable were Cheney and Rudy Jiulani and the coverup by
    the Union's NY fire fighter boss
    Read it here and U decide

  4. These people are running scared. The inevitable waking-up of people all over the world is going viral, as more and more are figuring out that the 9/11 story is a flat-out lie. And there's only reason they would lie, and that's to cover up their own involvement.

    If they had pulled this off at the time of Pearl Harbor, before TV and the Internet, they might have gotten completely away with it (even though they certainly seem to have done so up to now). But the toothpaste ain't goin' back in the tube, bubba.

    The fact that one of Osama Blackbush's buddies wants to have intelligence assets infiltrate Truth movements/meetings/conferences tells you all you need to know.

    If these people were simply kooks, and they weren't exposing the government's lies, why would they need to infiltrate them and try to set them up? Why couldn't they just confront their evidence and refute it with their own? Well . . .

    The fact is that in the 8-1/2 years since these attacks, every single time that anybody has either asked or demanded that they show PROOF of what they claim happened, it's always been one of two responses:

    1) "Sorry, can't tell you anything. NATIONAL SECURITY."

    or . . .

    2) "Hey, we told you what happened. Get back in line, shut up, and don't ask us for any proof of what we say, or you're aiding the enemy."

    Right. Sure. They've used these accusations to trash the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus, imprison people without charges or trial while torturing them, bankrupt the Treasury, inaugurate endless wars of aggression, etc., etc., ad nauseam, but they can't prove anything that they claim.

    Oh. Sorry. What was I thinking?

    These murdering bastards are shitting their pants right now, I can assure you. However, the question becomes what these rats are going to do when they are completely cornered.

    Stay tuned . . .

  5. I think the gov/media will continue the cover up for as long as they can.

    Just a few moments ago, our local neocon radio station WTN had ABC Perspectives with the treason conference report. Not a word on any evidence, just quick sound bytes. They used a Ventura clip in his best WWF voice. Not exactly likely to get that station's regular listeners interested in learning more.

    When the View or Larry King has on Richard Gage or David Ray Griffin, we'll know something more is going on but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

    anon, no doubt 9/11 was in the works before Bush took office. Much of the missing pentagon $trillions was under Clinton.

    I can't speak for Saladin but I don't think she was inferring that it was only a repub/neocon operation.

    anon 2, yep they're all worried and somewhere, sometime a cornered rat is going to talk if they are all not eliminated first.

  6. No one will break the silence and expose the treason of 9/11 - Easy answer is that the US op provided the cover while the CIA's cousin, MOSSAD brought the thermite from Dimona - Same explanation for the Oklahoma Bombs, some unexploded as watched live during their removal from the building straight to the memory hole - The recovered interior military grade explosives were never mentioned by the Press again - Who is the world's biggest cheerleader for hate and war? ...Shoot the Press First!

  7. Sometimes even the most powerful are held to ransom, seek missing arrows within your realms and you may stop it.

  8. Potential witnesses should start making "life-assurance" home videos and stashing them with friends and relatives with the instruction to release them if they suffer from an untimely 'suicide'. Then spread the word to those concerned that you have made a information sharing video.

  9. Sounds a bit optimistic. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth were ignored by the msm. On 3/17, TvNewsLIES Radio will have a guest from Firefighters for 9/11 Truth. They've interviewed Michael Rupport and will have David Ray Griffin in two weeks. So many have openly presented the evidence that has been uncovered, yet the left itself has been the major gatekeeper. Check out 9/11 FACTS on Google. So much there, so little known.

  10. The only way for the truth to come out is if prominent and ordinary truthers run for US Congress. I used to be a Democrat, but dont trust any of them, so the best way is to run as Independents. Campaings will not be expensive because everything could be done on the Internet.
    The plattform could be a real 9-11 investigation, end the Fed, end the IRS, end the CIA, balance the budget, stop all financial aid, which includes Israel and all military aid which includes Colombia, etc.

  11. Very good compilation at your site Jeff.

  12. You're right Kenny, I wasn't inferring any such thing. But since bushco was in charge at the time, and considering the fake left/right paradigm that reigns, it would be easy to blame the right and most people wouldn't even blink. I have no doubt that this planning went way back pre-clinton, who really knows when it started, but all those that make it to the oval office know exactly whats going on, and so are complicit.

  13. How long they had 9/11 on the drawing board is an interesting line of inquiry.

    When was the first WTC bombing in the basement which set up muslims/arabs in the minds of the TV zombies for future reference? Who was the sock puppet in the White House at that time?

    Want to go back further? What year did they begin using muslim/arab patsies as passenger jet hijackers? Once again set up for a TV zombie mind-association years down the road on 9/11.

    How many years had the WTC twin towers been a white elephant, impossible to fully rent which explains why the public purse always picked up the tab, stuffed full of poisonous but very fire-retardant asbestos fire proofing (that doesn't get much air time, huh), requiring a fortune in renovations, just sitting there waiting to be a New Pearl Harbor, etc, and then - along comes Lucky Larry . . . and his band of merry little helpers from Dimona.

    Slightly off topic, but only slightly - ever see their movie Men In Black? The line Spielberg gave Tommy Lee Jones to say to the obviously White American cops right at the start, says a lot.

    How did it go? "You REALLY are the most gullible race."

    Don't they love to sneer up their sleeves at us.

    The good news is every day which passes brings them one day closer to their final, fatal error.


    Oh, and that comment about the inconvenient 9/11 helpers and potential witnesses at future trials may be shitting their pants? Yep. Absolutely.

    They should take a real close look at the long list of convenient, untimely corpses which occurred after the same perps who pulled off 9/11, murdered Kennedy in Dallas. I wonder how healthy is the guy who was in WTC 7 with the now late Barry Jennings when the demolition charges started going off inside it.

    And another one from the past: Robert Kennedy too, was shaping up to be their worst nightmare - a seemingly honest and incorruptible White American in the White House, who would most likely have had a keen interest in looking into the real story of his brother's murder, among other things. Oy Vey! He had to go, and go he did. Conveniently pinned on a . . . wait for it . . . muslim patsy, in fact a Palestinian muslim patsy, I believe. What a deal!! What chutzpah!

    It's a deep rat hole, huh.