Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Baby Huey" and Potato Eating Homegrown Terrorists

He was being turned into a baby bomber.

Fox interviews wild eyed John Batchelor who tells us some things we did not know.
"Mohammed Atta was a kook. He ate potatoes." (at 2:21 of video)
Batchelor did say something I haven't seen on MSM.
"Adam Gadahn, real name Pearlman.
He's a punk, we'll kill him."
The only way CIA/Mossad asset Pearlman will be killed is if he outlives his usefulness but that is unlikely. He makes such great Tel Aviv videos.

And that Atta 'potato' quote? I not only bought potatoes last week but I planted some in the garden. Does that mean I may be on a 'homegrown' terrorist watch list?


  1. From 'Jihad Jane' to 'Jihad Jamie' this morning on FOX.

    Next up, we'll hear about 'Arab Annie,' 'Islamic Irene' and 'Muslim Maggie.'

    Potatoes? Is Ireland on the ZioCon hit list?

  2. If one minimizes the window and speeds up the frame rate it sounds just like listening to Daffy Duck and Porky Pig on the old AM radio.
    aLa aLa aLa LOL

  3. I keep a fork in the fridge, and one in my room tied in to some old walkman headphones. That way I can tell if someones getting into my spuds.

  4. free thinkers for satanMarch 14, 2010 at 1:32 PM

    Baby Huey was a badass soul singer from scary Gary, Indiana in the early 70s. Hard Times is the jam. These Criminals In Action, Mossad mr potato head assflaps couldn't carry Baby Hueys plate of ribs.

  5. satan, you didn't give a link so I had to search.

    "Hard times" in this crazy town.

  6. Sick and tired o payin dues...
    For somthin I didn't want or use.

  7. Potatoes for me are a regular food. Friedrich the great introduced them in Prussia, that had much sandy soil. People didn't trust these vegetables at first or ate the green fruits above the ground, that are sort of poisonous.
    Then the King made a fence around a field of potatoes so people began to regard them as something very valuable...
    But besides that bullshit of Foxnews, they use the common knowledge,that marriages from very different cultures aren't very fortunate, - to plant their terrorism story on top of that sentiment and that most people don't regard Islam-schools in Scotland as something appropriate.