Saturday, March 27, 2010

CIA Officer- Robert Steele stresses the importance of Blogging


  1. Bless you Robert Steele.
    A hummingbird at my window, checking out your red shirt !!!
    I love it

  2. Thanks for posting. I re-posted it on one of my blogs. I haven't seen a better, to the point blog, stating what is wrong, and what the solution should be, great! Let's spread the word.

  3. One statement by Steele in this video is pause for thought ...

    "Given a choice between conspiracy and incompetence, I generally go with incompetence."

    Incompetence is a major problem but that idea has also been used to divert attention away from actual criminal conspiracy.

    I don't know anything about Steele and he may be totally honest but there's an old saying "Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent." ???

  4. I agree. There is stuff he didn't want to talk about. The not knowing stuff ... if you read in between the lines, Steel talks about Norad. I watched the full length version of what you posted above. If Norad had 67 interceptions of planes violating airspace out of 67 previously, and there was zero percent only on 9-11, that alone proves the fix, the intent, and the allowing of 9-11, if not the complete showing that it was a complete, and total inside job, and the US Government killed all those innocent people just to render the US Constitution into toilet paper, with insider making money hand over fist.

    If there was honest investigations and if courts weren't rigged in the US, the perpetrators of 9-11 would have something to worry about. Since justice in the US has as much validity as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, don't hold your breath on any honest prosecutions for public corruption and war crimes involving US officials and their scumbag friends.

  5. Corruption promotes incompetence to protect itself. A non-corrupt organisation weeds out incompetence as an act of self preservation and commitment to its stated agenda.

    If incompetence is allowed to survive, it is a sure sign of corruption because it is not concerned with the stated agenda of the organisation but with a hidden agenda which is entirely unconcerned with issues of competence in carrying out its stated agenda. And as corruption always seeks out and promotes its own, it is almost certainly a conspiracy, too.

    To state it another way, ongoing incompetence is a sure sign of corruption and conspiracy to defraud the public one way or another; or, incompetence and conspiracy are two faces of the one coin.