Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gordon Duff Also Says "Israel Did 9/11"

art by Jon Jaylo
Global National Intelligence Services Confirm Israel Did 9/11 Says Gordon Duff, Former UN Diplomat and Defense Contractor (Radio Interview Transcript)
Gordon Duff is the senior editor of, a former UN diplomat, a defense contractor, and a global political and economic advisor. He just returned from a trip to Pakistan. Duff was interviewed by Mark McGrath and Phil Cooke on "The Ugly Truth" Radio Program  (03-24-10). Half of Mr. Duff’s family are Jewish and so are most of his friends. He is not anti-semitic. You can listen to the podcast of Mr. Duff's radio interview at the following address:

Duff confirmed Dr. Sabrosky’s assertion of 03-11-10 that it was Israel who pulled off the 9/11 attacks. Duff also confirmed that in agreement with Dr. Sabrosky, on June 8, 1967 it is certain an Israeli warship and Israeli war planes attacked the American ship, the USS Liberty, killing 34 and wounding 174 U.S. servicemen. Furthermore, at that time the American government mislead the American people into thinking that it was the United Arab Republic (included Egypt). who had attacked the USS Liberty. In other words the attack on the USS Liberty was a false-flag incident which Israel caused to try and pull the U.S. into a war against ISRAELI’s enemies, the United Arab Republic (included Egypt). Duff went on to say that to deny what actually happed with the USS Liberty is treason. This was an American “Holocaust” perpetrated by Israel.

Duff also informed the listening audience that today in European nations if someone in conversation mistakes how many Jews died in the Holocaust (you say 5,999,999 died instead of 6,000,000) they are charged with being an anti-semitic Holocaust denier and they are sent to prison for 5 years. This occurs whether the charge is true or not. If you try and fight the charge of anti-semitism, you go to prison for 10 years instead and your lawyer goes to prison with you.
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    He has written about it extensively on the veteranstoday site as well as other interesting topics.

  2. na,ja, some of his statements are known. Like that people in the western countries are deceived by the controlled media and many don't care about that... others are astounding, but some seem exaggerated, but half correct (debts) to this point - like this one e.g.:
    Duff added,

    “The reality is the world is drowning in debt. The money is going into only a few hands. It is becoming increasingly chaotic and unstable and the standards of living are becoming lower and lower. No one is going to work in England or Germany (the supposedly powerhouse economy). The roads are empty. Pakistan has 18 months before economic collapse

  3. This from wiki on AUSCHWITZ:

    "The camp's first commandant, Rudolf Höss, testified after the war at the Nuremberg Trials that up to three million people had died there, a figure since revised to 1.1 million, around 90 percent of them Jews."

    3 million in 1945 at Auschwitz later REVISED[irony from wiki] to 1.1

    So 2.7m leaves 3.3m to make 6m
    If the figure has been revised to 1.1m , so around 930,000 Jews.

    3.3m + 930,000 = 4320000

    So wiki [ based in Israel] has revised the figure yet the figure 6m has not been readjusted

    Ok I don't know if the figure was revised before the 6m total was reached but it might be becuase a young Jewish New Yorker investigated the figures and made a programme to show it wasn't so many killed. I don't think it made him popular in some circles.


  4. play it safe and say more jews died during their holophase than others have lived during all recorded and non recorded history to later die.

    you dont go to prison.

    jews nod knowing another has been bent.