Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stop Killing the People and They'll Stop Killing You

Those were just a few of the words from Dennis Kucinich at the house debate on bringing home our troops from Afghanistan. He and a few others covered  all of the criminal reasons for our being there. From Afghan corruption and  narco-trafficking to pipelines and the economic calamities of war here at home, many key points were made.

From what I watched, not a single opponent of the resolution, both democrats and republicans,   addressed any of the issues brought up.  The speakers,  for and against war, including Mr. Kucinich, certainly didn't miss the opportunity to say the key words of al qaeda and 9/11, over and over and over.

Without the lies of 9/11 and al qaeda as our magical enemy this sham of a debate wouldn't even be taking place.

Oh yeah, there was a vote. 356 nays.

Permanent war means just that.

art by  Aunia Kahn 


  1. I watched part of this dog and pony show on CSpan.

    Seems like they spent part of the time hollering that "I am more patriotic than you!"

    Couple weeks ago, the Dutch government collapsed because they couldn't agree on sending more cannon fodder to Afghanistan and Secretary of War Gates was chiding European countries for not showing enough joy in killing Muslims.

    Now Gates is saying we don't need more troops, and we can start sending some home from the surge.

    I smell a rat.

  2. Kucinich doesn't give a rat's ass about the troops in harm's way, or the collateral damage err I mean civilians in harm's way. This is about keeping his political career alive beyond November. Now he can say look I tried. Never trust a never worked a day in his life, blood sucking maggot politician.