Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tennessee Mandates More Vaccinations for Kids

Big Pharma picks up a few more bucks. The 27 vaccinations per child will only increase over time.

Tennessee children should be ready to bare their arms and thighs for a bevy of needle sticks — like it or not — before they can go to school next year.

That's because the state passed new rules that require school-age children to get vaccinated against chicken pox, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, whooping cough and pneumococcal disease — on top of the vaccines they already get.By the seventh grade, a child will have had 27 doses of immunizations to protect against diseases, many now eradicated. Some parents wonder if children are being over-vaccinated.

Tennesseans do a good job of getting children immunized. The state ranks fourth in the nation. About 98 percent of children get shots as required, and about 1 percent have a religious or health exemption.

But one in four parents believe a link exists between autism and vaccines, {more - The Tennesseean}

Court Rules Mercury-Containing Immunizations are Good for You ... so go back to sleep


Lobbyists distort all issues. Follow the money.

Number of Special Interests Vying to Influence Health Reform Legislation Swelled As Debate Dragged On

From Open Secrets. Buying votes in Congress and influencing federal agencies.


  1. Of by and for lobbyists and corporations. Got to keep the skids greased, business as usual.

  2. This article make me sick Kenny, the money masters plan to reduce the world population is in high gear,endless wars for profit,control of the worlds food supply,D. U. rounds,germs made by man to kill man.Rothschilds & Rockefellers Trillionaires Of The World, want us dead and I am sure that they are very please with what is happening today. Man that is about as fuck up as it can get. Where do we go from here,someone please enlighten me.

  3. Those children will be ruined for life.